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Mountain of mirrors by Rose Estes pdf

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“Mountain of Mirrors” is a fantasy novel by author Rose Estes. It is part of the “Gryphon Series,” which follows the adventures of the young hero Peter and his friends as they explore the magical world of Tharbad. In “Mountain of Mirrors,” Peter and his companions must journey to the treacherous Mountain of Mirrors to find a powerful artifact that will help them defeat the evil sorcerer Gorgon. They encounter various challenges and dangers along the way, including dangerous creatures, treacherous wizards, and treacherous landscapes. Ultimately, they must use their wits and bravery to overcome their enemies and claim the artifact they seek.

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The reader, Elf Landon, must find a way to free a group of elves held captive by ogres and goblins in the Mountain of Mirrors.


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Author(s): by Rose Estes ; illustrated by Jim Holloway.

Series: Endless quest book

Publisher: TSR ;; Distributed in the U.S. by Random House,, Year: 1982.

ISBN: 0935696873,9780935696875


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