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Modulation theory pdf

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“The book presents amplitude modulation with random signals, including analog and digital signals, and discusses performance evaluation methods, presents quadrature amplitude modulation using random signals. Several modulation schemes are discussed, including SSB, QAM, ISB, C-QUAM, QPSK and MSK. Their autocorrelation and power spectrum densities are computed. A thorough discussion on angle modulation with random Read more…

Table of contents :

Theory of signals and linear systems
Random signals and noise
Amplitude modulation theory
Quadrature amplitude modulation theory
Angle modulation theory
Digital modulation theory
Appendix A: Fourier and Hilbert transforms
Appendix B: Biography of the author
Appendix C: Glossary.


Modulation theory PDF

Author(s): Marcelo Sampaio de Alencar

Series: River Publishers Series in Communications

Publisher: River Publishers, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9788770220262


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