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Minimum Reinforcement in Concrete Members by Alberto Carpinteri


The ESIS-Technical Committee 9 on Concrete was established in 1990 and has met seven instances (Noordwijk 1991, Vienna 1992, Brisbane 1993, Torino 1994, Zurich 1995, Poitiers 1996, Torino 1997). A spherical robin on “Scale results and transitional failure phenomena of bolstered concrete beams in flexure” was proposed to European and extra-European laboratories and the next ones answered positively: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain), College of Sydney (Australia), Universitat Stuttgart (Germany), Universitet Aalborg (Denmark), Universita di Parma (Italy), Politecnico di Torino (Italy).

The central matter mentioned in the committee is that of the minimal reinforcement in concrete members. The minimal quantity of reinforcement is outlined as that for which “peak load at first concrete cracking” and “final load after metal yielding” are equal. On this approach, any brittle behaviour is prevented in addition to any localized failure, if the member is just not over-reinforced. In different phrases, there’s a reinforcement share vary, relying on the size-scale, inside which the plastic restrict evaluation could also be utilized with its static and kinematic theorems.


If we assume, as is common in the codes of apply, a reinforcement quantity proportional to the beam top h, the plastic bending second, Mp, is proportional to the sq. of the beam top: Mp « }i’. However, if the reinforcement is assumed to react rigidly as much as the crack propagation and to move plastically solely afterwards, the bending second of crack propagation, MQ , is proportional to the beam top rised to 3/2: MQ « /Z . As a matter of truth, if steel-cover thickness and preliminary crack depth are assumed to be proportional to the beam top, e.g. each equal to 0.1 h, the stress-intensity issue Okay^ is proportional to the nominal stress and to the sq. root of beam top : Okay^ « aV/? ~ (MJh^ ^h. Subsequently, on the essential situation, when Xj = Okay^Q now we have MQ « Okay^Q h .

Since Mp « /z^ is a amount of upper rank with respect to MQ « h^^^, for smaller sizes now we have Mp < MQ and, for bigger sizes, Mp > MQ . Because of this, with the standard standards, small beams are usually under-reinforced, in addition to massive beams are usually over-reinforced. Carpinteri, Ferro, Bosco and El-Katieb suggest a LEFM mannequin, in accordance with which reinforcement reactions are utilized instantly on the crack surfaces and a compatibility situation is domestically imposed on the crack opening displacement in correspondence with the reinforcement.



The theoretical mannequin is discovered to supply a passable estimate of the minimal share of reinforcement that is dependent upon the dimensions and permits the aspect in flexure to stop brittle failure. Whereas the minimal metal share offered by Eurocode 2 and ACI are unbiased of the beam depth, the connection established by the brittleness quantity N^ requires reducing values with growing beam depths. Lange-Kornbak and Karihaloo evaluate experimental observations with approximate nonlinear fracture mechanics predictions of the last word capability of three-point bend, singly-reinforced concrete beams with out shear reinforcement.

The earlier mannequin, based mostly on a zero crack opening situation and a fracture toughness accounting for sluggish crack progress, seems to be in good settlement with the noticed failure mechanisms, though the take a look at outcomes point out {that a} non-zero crack opening situation would enhance the prediction, particularly for calmly bolstered beams. Ruiz, Elices and Planas introduce the so-called efficient slip-length mannequin, the place the concrete fracture is described as a cohesive crack and the impact of reinforcement bond-slip is integrated. Though the beams thought of are of lowered dimension, the properties of the microconcrete have been chosen in order that the behaviour noticed is consultant of beams of strange dimension made from strange concrete.

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