Book Name: Mechatronics: Ideas, Challenges, Solutions and Applications
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Book Description:

This book presents recent advances and developments in control, automation, robotics, and measuring techniques. It offers contributions from top field experts focused on both theory and industrial practice. In particular, the book is devoted to new ideas, challenges, solutions, and mechatronics applications. The individual chapters present a deep analysis of a specific technical problem, which is generally followed by a numerical analysis and simulation and the results of an implementation for the solution of a real-world problem.
The presented theoretical results, practical solutions, and guidelines will be useful for researchers in engineering sciences and practitioners solving industrial problems.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages i-x
Multi-criteria Robot Selection Problem for an Automated Single-Sided Lapping System….Pages 1-13
Mechatronic Design Towards Investigation of the Temporo-Mandibular Joint Behaviour….Pages 15-32
Requirements for Tire Models of the Lightweight Wheeled Mobile Robots….Pages 33-51
Simulations of Accelerations and Velocities of the Robot’s Arm….Pages 53-64
The Numerical Analysis of Burnishing Process of Hollow Steel Tubes….Pages 65-75
Piecewise Control Method of Oxygen Flow in PEM Fuel Cell….Pages 77-93
Testing the Piezoelectric Energy Harvester’s Deflection on the Amount of Generated Energy….Pages 95-112
Analysis of Crash Computation on a Basis of the Principle of Linear Momentum and Kinetic Energy….Pages 113-129
Modeling and Simulation of the Solar Collector Using Different Approaches….Pages 131-151
Uncertainty Analysis of Innovative Method for Wheel Load Measurements….Pages 153-171
Designing the 40 kHz Piezoelectric Sandwich Type Ultrasonic Transducer….Pages 173-187
Development of an Electronic Stethoscope….Pages 189-204
Determination of Forces and Moments of Force Transmitted by the Wheel of a Mobile Robot During Motion….Pages 205-217
Comparative Study of Maintenance Vehicles Using Vibration Analysis….Pages 219-238
Correction of the Influence of not Ideal Geometric Profile on the Constant of Primary Cell….Pages 239-251
Modeling and Analysis of the Hydraulic Servo Drive System….Pages 253-262
Stereoscopic Technique for a Motion Parameter Determination of Remotely Operated Vehicles….Pages 263-283
Back Matter….Pages 285-285

Mechatronics: Ideas, Challenges, Solutions and Applications PDF

Author(s): Jan Awrejcewicz, Krzysztof J. Kaliński, Roman Szewczyk, Małgorzata Kaliczyńska (eds.)

Series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 414

Publisher: Springer International Publishing, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-3-319-26885-9,978-3-319-26886-6


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