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Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Mechatronics and Electrical Contents

  • Battlefield situation cognition system based on big electronic reconnaissance data processing 
  • Automatic recognition of waste rock in top coal caving based on digital image processing
  • The application of Dijkstra algorithm based on the multi-weighted distribution in GIS
  • Design of battery charging and discharging circuit
  • Automatic flight control of a certain UAV using LQG design
  • Research on online and remote calibration technology of electronic belt scale based on weights superposition method 
  • The application of wavelet filter in the static synchronous compensator
  • Fractional-order differential application and research in pavement cracks image enhancement
  • The molecular algorithm in solving the shortest path problem of the application and research
  • A method about video quality assessment in video phone service over 3G network
  • Analysis of the degree of the international fragment of China’s manufacturing industry based on processing trade 
  • The voltage-controlled low-pass filter based on FPGA frequency measurement 
  • Departure capacity assessment of close staggered parallel runways
  • The control design of blast furnace clay gunplay mud quantity
  • Research and implementation of coal traffic video management system based on the technology of image tracking and recognition
  • Residents air conditioning load management model studies and impact analysis
  • Multi-objective optimized scheduling for hydro-thermal power system 
  • An optimal space-borne Solid-State Recorder based on domestic chips
  • Study on additional damping controller for VSC-HVDC to prevent low-frequency oscillation
  • Lightning surge analysis for 220 kV AC double circuit transmission line using LPTL
  • Fault analysis of Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) for series compensation capacitor banks
  • Experimental study of the human retinal security by LED light
  • Analysis of the phenomenon in LFO of AC electric locomotive
  • The prototype of fatigue damage detection by the method of Metal Magnetic Memory Testing
  • Rotor composite faults diagnosis of an asynchronous motor based on complex power
  • Commissioning and operation of Heze some leather wastewater treatment plant 
  • Engineering depth treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater by magnetization catalytic oxidation-A2 O-MBR combined process
  • Study of broadband microstrip circulator using YIG single crystal 
  • Decoupling mechanism for suspension laryngoscopy using a curved-frame
  • trans-oral robotic system 
  • Calculation and analysis on shunt coefficient of short-circuit current inside Fuzhou 1000 kV Ultra-High Voltage substation
  • Mechanical analysis of reliability test device of Head-Up Display’s retraction and extension
  • Study on electromagnetic loop rejection in Liaoning power grid 
  • Study on the effect of evaluating corrosion inhibitor for circulating cooling water in a dynamic simulation method
  • Research on the impulse current dispersal characteristics of tower grounding devices 
  • The innovative design of centrifugal oil press 
  • Analysis of the centrifugal oil press vibration
  • HPLC method for determination of the concentration of Nifekalant in human plasma
  • Research of over-voltage in an air-core reactor using Waveform Relaxation based on Lanczos 
  • The design of automatic sorting and staking system based on PLC S7-200
  • Study of dynamic optimized allocation policy for AGC regulation power based on a fuzzy-Q learning algorithm
  • Fault diagnosis of rolling bearing based on Fisher Discriminant Analysis
  • The voltage coordinated control strategy of the power grid which includes large scale wind power
  • Research on predicting Direct Capacitor Power Control of voltage source PWM rectifier applied to electric vehicle charging and discharging field 
  • Development of 2500V SMB-seagull SiC JBS diodes 
  • Feature-based intelligent machining method based on NX 
  • The application of Analyze Formability-One-Step in progressive die strip design
  • The research on the signal reconstruction of the angular rate sensor
  • Research on the application of Beidou and GPS dual-mode timing system
  • in the space flight tracking ship
  • Study of the wind-thermal allocation ratio for wind and thermal bundled power
  • as a source to participate in power planning
  • A design method of inductance-capacitance filter circuit for reducing current harmonics of high-speed motor 
  • Burr detection algorithm based on machine vision 
  • Numerical simulation and experimental study on the anti-overload ability of cylindrical roller bearing in a short time
  • Numerical simulation and analysis of wavefront reconstruction iterative method in radial shearing interference
  • Minimization of stator loss for high-speed permanent magnet motor
  • Iterative Adaptive Algorithm based on the cross-covariance matrix of acoustic pressure and particle velocity 
  • A method to establish a continuous operational reference station in urban districts 
  • The research on the leak repairing method of the recoil mechanism 
  • Image retrieval research based on feature points and affine invariant moments
  • Research on Electric Vehicle development in Beijing 
  • Lubrication performance analysis of three axial-grooved gas-lubricated journals bearing with microgrooves 
  • A new configuration of the current source converter applied in HVDC 
  • Application of high-order grey forecast model in the short-term load forecasting 
  • Offshore wind power scale development trends and related policy research 
  • A power response characteristics equivalent model for the hybrid energy storage system 
  • The research for power allocation strategy of the hybrid energy storage units in a distributed generation system 
  • Research on the control of the temperature of batch reactors by multi-media in the reactor jacket 
  • Three-phase voltage source PWM rectifier based on a space-vector algorithm and one-cycle control 
  • Joint positioning method with radar-based on wavelet entropy 
  • Optimal design of locking pin for surface AUVs launcher under uncertainty
  • A low-temperature drift and heavy load bandgap reference voltage with adjustable output 
  • Analysis of energy coupling between the computer chassis and electromagnetic pulse 
  • Analysis of electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of the chassis with holes under different polarization directions 
  • Analysis of characteristic parameters of pulse impact on the electromagnetic coupling of the chassis 
  • A new type of control method for the variable-speed wind turbines based on the PID neural network
  • Research on the control method for the torque of wind generator based on data-driven 
  • Construction of robustly stable interval polynomial 
  • A MEMS digital seismometer with new structure 
  • A type of real-time vibration monitoring system based on Ethernet and RS-232 
  • Study on the transient voltage stability of distribution systems considering large-scaled dispersed EV charging 
  • Fault diagnosis and failure rate analysis of power transformer based on cloud relation space model 
  • Analysis of technical innovation and regional disparities growth of China

Preface to Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering

The 2014 International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering (CMEEE2014) was held on October 18–19, 2014 in Sanya, Hainan, China. CMEEE2014 provided a valuable opportunity for researchers, scholars

And scientists to exchange their new ideas and application experiences face to face together, to establish business or research relations, and to find global partners for future collaboration.

CMEEE2014 was the most comprehensive conference focusing on Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The papers in this book are selected from more than 500 papers submitted to the 2014 International Conference on Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering (CMEEE2014).

The book is divided into 4 sections, covering the topics of Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Control and Automation, and Other Engineering.

The conference will promote the development of Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering, strengthening international academic cooperation and communications.

We would like to thank the conference chairs, organization staff, and the members of the International Technological Committees for their hard work.

Thanks are also given to CRC Press/Balkema (Taylor & Francis Group). We are looking forward to seeing all of you next year at CMEEE2015.


Mechatronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Author(s): Ai Sheng

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2015

ISBN: 1138027197


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