Book Name: Mechatronic Systems Design Methods Models Concepts
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Mechatronic Systems Design Methods, Models, Concepts by Klaus Janschek Translation by Kristof Richmond | PDF Free Download. 

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Mechatronic Systems Design Methods Models Concepts 

Mechatronic Systems Design Methods Models Concepts pdf book

Mechatronic Systems Design Contents

  • Introduction
  • Elements of Modeling
  • Simulation Issues
  • Functional Realization: Multibody Dynamics
  • Functional Realization: The Generic Mechatronic Transducer
  • Functional Realization: Electrostatic Transducers
  • Functional Realization: Piezoelectric Transducer
  • Functional Realization: Electromagnetically-Acting Transducers
  • Functional Realization: Digital Information Processing
  • Control Theoretical Aspects
  • Stochastic Dynamic Analysis
  • Design Evaluation: System Budgets

Preface to Mechatronic Systems Design Methods Models Concepts

This is the translated English edition of the book “Systementwurf mechatronischer Systeme” published by Springer in January 2010.

For the motivation, background, and concept of presentation, the obliging reader is referred to the preface of the German edition, which follows.

Already in the course of preparing the German book and studying the vast literature in this subject area, I recognized that there still exists some room on the international mechatronics stage for the material presented in this monograph.

Moreover, the many positive comments of colleagues and students on the German edition encouraged me to think of starting a second round with an English edition.

From the very beginning, it was clear to me that such a project could only be successful with translation support from a native speaker having broad and excellent knowledge of engineering, and particularly mechatronics.

Luckily, a previous stay at the Stanford Aerospace Robotics Lab brought me into contact with the best possible partner for this purpose: Dr. Kristof Richmond.

As a fully bilingual native speaker, a highly qualified Stanford graduate, and an intelligent, critical, and altogether most clever scientific partner, he combines all the talents I did not expect to find in one person.

The joint work on this English edition was therefore extremely smooth, mutually enriching, and, in the age of internet and Skype, never bounded by the cross-Atlantic separation between Germany and Iowa. A big thanks to Kristof for this great job.

This English edition covers the contents of the German edition with some minor improvements in presentation, with updated English textbook bibliography, and it gave us the chance to remove errata found in the German edition.

For the acknowledgments in putting together this mass of material, the reader is again referred to the subsequent preface of the German edition. Nevertheless, I must acknowledge two people in the context of this English edition.

My first thanks go to my beloved wife Ruth, who has also supported and accompanied this second mountain climbing expedition with a fantastic and ever-encouraging mood (though fortunately, this was a much lower summit than the previous one, cf. preface to the German edition).

My thanks and commemoration go also to Martin Beck, who tragically died in February 2011 just before finishing his Ph.D.

As one of my most talented Ph.D. students and closest co-workers in my mechatronics courses, he provided major contributions in the critical proofreading of the original material, sound and always critical technical and scientific discussions, and numerous recommendations for improved didactic presentation. His spirit will also remain between the lines of this English edition.

Last, but not least, all the aforementioned efforts would not have resulted in the present book without the valuable support, trust, and the excellent service of the Springer publishing team represented by Eva Hestermann-Beyerle.


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