Book Name: Mechatronic Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation
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Mechatronic Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation 

Mechatronic Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation pdf

Book Description:

This book deals with the analysis, design, and implementation of mechatronic systems. Classical and modern tools are developed for the analysis and design of such systems. Robust control, H-Infinity, and guaranteed cost control theory are also used for the analysis and design of mechatronic systems. Different controllers such as state feedback, static output feedback, and dynamic output feedback controllers, are used to stabilize mechatronic systems.Heuristic algorithms are provided to solve the design of the classical controller, such as PID, phase lead, phase lag, and phase lead-lag controllers. In contrast, linear matrix inequalities (LMI) algorithms are provided for finding solutions to the state feedback, static output feedback, and dynamic output feedback controllers.

The theory presented in the different chapters of the volume is applied to numerical examples to show the usefulness of the theoretical results. Some case studies are also provided to show how the developed concepts apply to natural systems.

Emphasis is also put on the implementation in real-time for some real systems that we have developed in our mechatronic laboratory, and all the detail is provided to give an idea to the reader how to implement its mechatronic system.

Mechatronics Systems: Analysis, Design, and Implementation is an excellent textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in mechatronic systems and control theory and as a reference for academic researchers in control or mathematics with an interest in control theory. The reader should have completed first-year graduate courses in control theory, linear algebra, and linear systems. It will also be of great value to engineers practicing in fields where linear time-invariant systems can model the systems.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages –
Introduction….Pages 1-20
Front Matter….Pages 21-21
Mechatronic Systems….Pages 23-42
Front Matter….Pages 43-45
Mathematical Modeling….Pages 47-67
Front Matter….Pages 69-70
Analysis Based on Transfer Function….Pages 73-127
Design Based on Transfer Function….Pages 129-213
Front Matter….Pages 215-215
Analysis Based on State Space….Pages 217-281
Design Based on State Space….Pages 283-339
Front Matter….Pages 341-341
Design and Implementation of Mechatronic System….Pages 343-377
Front Matter….Pages 379-380
Robust Control….Pages 383-429
Guaranteed Cost Control Problem….Pages 431-445
Front Matter….Pages 447-447
Case Studies….Pages 449-486
Back Matter

Mechatronic Systems: Analysis, Design and Implementation PDF

Author(s): El-Kébir Boukas, Fouad M. AL-Sunni (auth.)

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2012

ISBN: 3642223230,9783642223235


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