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“This year’s most important book that your boss should read.”


“Empathy, relevance, and affinity are three great ideas that can help you change the world. Jiwa shows a whole new way to come up with new ideas and change the world.


“A must read for any entrepreneur or marketer. It has many “aha!” moments and a tool that you can start using immediately. This book should be in the toolkit of every marketer.”

—DIANE DIAZ, a professor at FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY who teaches “Digital Storytelling and Branding.”

“This book and the Story Strategy Blueprint inside are invaluable for anyone who wants to shake up their industry and know and care about their customers. Bernadette’s unique ideas and teachings will give you the most essential and empathetic tools to see the consumer and be a successful storyteller.

—ANTONIO ZEA, Under Armour’s Global Director of Football Footwear

“As marketers, our future success and value depend on how well we use our customers as a guide. Through interesting case studies, you can learn about the “Innovation Trifecta” and how it can help your business grow more than buying attention. Bernadette digs deep to explain why brands that care make a difference and win in terms of profits, people, and the planet.”

CEO of the Australian Marketing Institute, Lee Tonitto

One of the best business books of 2015, according to Inc.

Our new digital world has given rise to a culture of entrepreneurship and the idea that anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection can change the world by coming up with the idea that takes off. But for every successful business that started this way, a thousand others stopped growing or went out of business. Why? How do you get ahead in life? What do Khan Academy, the GoPro camera, the Dyson vacuum cleaner, and Kickstarter all have in common?

After years of working with hundreds of innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to help them tell the stories of their ideas, I’ve learned something: every business that takes off starts not with the best idea, the biggest budget, or the best marketing, but with the story of someone who wants to do something but can’t.

We don’t change the world by starting with our great ideas and dreams. Instead, we change the world by helping other people live their dreams. The story of ideas that take off is the story of the people who love, adopt, care about, and spread them. Ideas that work make sense to other people and help them see what’s possible for them.

When we tell other people about our ideas, they take off.

Download Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly Epub 

Author(s): Bernadette Jiwa

Publisher: Perceptive Press, Year: 2015

ISBN: 0994432801,9780994432803


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