Book Name: MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences
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MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences 

MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences pdf

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MATLAB is used in a wide range of applications in geosciences, such as image processing in remote sensing, the generation and processing of digital elevation models, and the analysis of time series. This book introduces methods of data analysis in geosciences using MATLAB, such as basic statistics for univariate, bivariate, and multivariate datasets, jackknife and bootstrap resampling schemes, processing of digital elevation models, gridding and contouring, geostatistics and kriging, processing and georeferencing of satellite images, digitizing from the screen, linear and nonlinear time-series analysis and the application of linear time-invariant and adaptive filters. The revised and updated Second Edition includes new subchapters on windowed Blackman-Tukey, Lomb-Scargle, and Wavelet power spectral analysis, statistical analysis of point distributions and digital elevation models, and a new chapter on the statistical analysis of directional data. The text includes a brief description of each method and numerous examples demonstrating how MATLAB can be used on data sets from earth sciences. All MATLAB recipes can be easily modified to analyze the reader’s data sets. The book contains a CD containing exemplary data sets and a digital version of the MATLAB recipes.


MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences PDF

Author(s): Martin H. Trauth, E. Sillmann, Robin Gebbers, Norbert Marwan

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2006

ISBN: 9783540279839



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