Book Name: MATLAB – A Ubiquitous Tool for the Practical Engineer
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MATLAB – A Ubiquitous Tool for the Practical Engineer 

MATLAB - A Ubiquitous Tool for the Practical Engineer pdf

Book Description

A well-known statement says that the PID controller is the “bread and butter” of the control engineer. This is indeed true from a scientific standpoint. However, nowadays, in the era of computer science, when paper and pencil have been replaced by the keyboard and the display of computers, one may equally say that MATLAB is the “bread” in the above statement. MATLAB has become a de facto tool for the modern system engineer.

This book is written for both engineering students and practicing engineers. The wide range of applications in which MATLAB is the working framework shows that it is a powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use environment for performing technical computations.

The book shows many great ways to use MATLAB, from pure algebraic computations to real-world data acquisition, control strategies to image processing algorithms, and designing graphical user interfaces for educational purposes to creating Simulink embedded systems.

MATLAB: a ubiquitous tool for the practical engineer

Author(s): Ionescu, Clara-Mihaela

Publisher: InTech, Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-953-307-907-3



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