Book Name: Mathematics for Business, Science, and Technology
Category: MATLAB
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Mathematics for Business, Science, and Technology 

Mathematics for Business, Science, and Technology pdf

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This text includes the following chapters and appendices: Numbers and Arithmetic Operations; Elementary Algebra; Intermediate Algebra; Fundamentals of Geometry; Fundamentals of Plane Trigonometry; Fundamentals of Calculus; Mathematics of Finance and Economics; Depreciation, Impairment, and Depletion; Introduction to Probability and Statistics; Random Variables; Common Probability Distributions and Tests; Curve Fitting, Regression, and Correlation; Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Introduction to MATLAB; The Gamma and Beta Functions and Distributions; Introduction to Markov Chains; The Lambda Index; The Black-Scoles Stock Options Model; The Altman Bankruptcy Z-Score. For additional information, please visit the Orchard Publications site.

Mathematics for Business, Science, and Technology: With MATLAB and Excel Computations PDF

Author(s): Steven Karris

Publisher: Orchard Publications, Year: 2007

ISBN: 9781934404010


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