Book Name: Materials for High-Temperature Power Generation and Process Plant Applications
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Materials for High-Temperature Power Generation and Process Plant Applications

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Materials for High-Temperature Power Generation and Process Plant Applications

Materials for High-Temperature Power Generation and Process Plant Applications by A. Strang | PDF Free Download.

The Materials Contents

  • Progress in the Manufacture of Materials for Advanced High-Efficiency Steam Turbines
  • Material Developments for Supercritical Boilers and Pipework
  • Advanced Materials for Advanced Heat Exchangers
  • Welding and Fabrication of High-Temperature Components for Advanced Power Plant
  • Material Data Requirements for Assessing Defect Integrity at High Temperatures
  • A Review of Service Problems during High-Temperature Operation
  • Ferritic Power Plant Steels: Remanent Life Assessment and the Approach to Equilibrium 
  • Materials and Processes for High-Temperature Surface Engineering
  • High-Temperature Alloys for Advanced Industrial Gas Turbines
  • Ceramics in Aero Gas Turbines – an Engineer’s View

Foreword to Materials for High-Temperature Power Generation

Materials Congress ’98 – Frontiers in Materials Science and Technology, organized by the Institute of Materials, was held from 6-8 April 1998 at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.

This .event, which was attended by more than 450 delegates from academia and industry, consisted of technical sessions dealing with materials issues involving rubbers, polymers, composites, ceramics, ferrous and nonferrous metals and alloys in applications ranging from the medical prosthesis to advanced power plant engineering.

These proceedings contain the ten most important papers presented in the session of the Congress concerned with materials for high-temperature power plant and process plant applications organized by the Institute of Materials High-Temperature Materials Performance Committee.

The selected papers are largely in the form of critical reviews that not only highlight the development of materials to meet specific applications but also comment on solutions used for both current and future applications.

The papers presented by Thornton and Fleming et ale are concerned with and highlight the problems associated with the selection of materials and manufacturing processes for critical components for large steam turbines and boiler plant where design lives in excess of 200 000 hours are now required at stresses of up to 300 bar and temperatures approaching 600°C.

Starr’s paper critically reviews materials for advanced heat exchanger applications such as those used in indirectly fired and recuperative gas turbines, fluidized bed combustion, coal gasification, and waste incineration systems, where the effects of corrosion often severely life-limits components.

The paper by Barnes et ale considers the key issues concerned with the welding and fabrication of key components for advanced power plant particularly in terms of their properties and expected service performance.

Material integrity is of paramount importance in critical components such as welded steam chests, pipework, and large rotors for large turbine generator applications, and the material considerations concerned with defect tolerance for such applications are critically reviewed in the paper by Holdsworth.

A review of typical problems encountered during the operation of the high-temperature plants is presented in the paper by Townsend while the extensive review by Bhadeshia et ale considers present assessment procedures for the life extension of power plant components.

The important role of surface engineering in the reliable operation of all high-temperature power and process plant is reviewed in the paper by Nicholls and Rickerby.

Significant developments are still continuing in this field with ‘designed surfaces’ likely to become a routine part of design procedures for many future components and plant applications.

Surface engineering already plays a significant part in ensuring that many gas turbine components such as blades, combustion cans, and other hot gas parts of the system achieve their planned design lives.

The paper by Pearcey considers these problems as well as others associated with the use of poor quality fuels and marine environments with the effects on the performance of high-temperature alloys in industrial gas turbine plants.

Finally Dominy et al. present an engineer’s view in a review of the application and role of ceramics and CMCs in modern aero gas turbines.

These reviews not only discuss the evolution of advanced materials for high-temperature power and process plant applications but also indicate the developments in materials that must take place to achieve the higher efficiency and environmentally acceptable plant for the 21st Century and beyond.

As this book goes to print Materials Congress 2000 is already planned for 12- 14 April 2000 and addressing the theme of Materials for the 21st Century

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