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What can you learn from a Silicon Valley legend and a group of leaders who have made a name for themselves? The key to growing a business isn’t talent, a good network, or a good plan. It’s having an entrepreneurial mindset, which is something you can learn.

“This is a book to savour if you’re growing a business or just love a good story.”

—Robert Iger, author of The Ride of a Lifetime, which was the #1 best-seller on the New York Times

Reid Hoffman is the founder of LinkedIn and an investor at Greylock. Behind the scenes in Silicon Valley, he is a sought-after advisor to CEOs and heads of state. In each episode of his podcast, Masters of Scale, he sits down with a guest from an all-star list of visionary founders and leaders to discuss the surprising strategies that help their companies grow. In this book, he uses their most exciting and revealing stories and his own experience as a founder and investor to find the secrets behind the incredible success stories of our time.

Hoffman teams up with Masters of Scale’s executive producers to give a rare look into the minds of entrepreneurs. They share the hard-earned wisdom of leaders of iconic companies like Apple, Nike, Netflix, Spotify, Starbucks, Google, Instagram, and Microsoft, as well as the bold, disruptive startups like 23andMe, TaskRabbit, Black List, and Walker & Co. that are solving the problems of the twenty-first century.

Masters of Scale turns all their ideas into a set of counterintuitive rules that anyone can use. It does this through vivid stories and sharp analysis. How do you develop and turn a good idea into a business that can grow? What does a “squirmy no” teach you? When should you stop taking what your customers say into account? Which fires should you put out immediately, and which should you let burn? And is it possible to make money while improving the world? (Answer: Yes. But your profits and your values need to be in sync.)

This unique insider’s guide is based on over a hundred interviews and has a lot of new material that has never been on the podcast. It will inspire you to rethink how you do business today.


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Author(s): Reid Hoffman

Publisher: Currency, Year: 2021

ISBN: 0593239083,9780593239087


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