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Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines by Woodyard

    Book Name: Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines by Woodyard
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    Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines by Woodyard


    Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines eighth Version Edited by Doug Woodyard | PDF Free Download.

    Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines Contents

    1. Concept and common ideas 
    2.  Gas-diesel and dual-fuel engines 
    3. Exhaust emissions and management
    4. Fuels and lubes: chemistry and remedy 
    5. Efficiency
    6. Engine and plant choice 
    7. Stress charging 
    8.  Gasoline injection
    9. Low pace engines—introduction
    10. MAN B&W low pace engines 
    11. Mitsubishi low pace engines 
    12.  Sulzer low pace engines 
    13. Burmeister & Wain low pace engines 
    14. Doxford low pace engines
    15. MAN low pace engines 
    16. Medium pace engines—introduction 
    17. Allen (Rolls–Royce)
    18. Alpha Diesel (MAN B&W)
    19. Caterpillar
    20. Deutz 
    21. MaK (Caterpillar Motoren)
    22. MAN B&W Diesel 
    23. Rolls-Royce Bergen 
    24. Ruston (MAN B&W) 
    25. SEMT-Pielstick (MAN B&W)
    26. Sulzer (Wärtsilä) 
    27. Wärtsilä 
    28.  Different medium pace engines 
    29. Low pace four-stroke trunk piston engines
    30. Excessive pace engines
    31. Gas generators 
    32. Index

    Preface to Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines

    Developments in two-stroke and four-stroke designs for propulsion and auxiliary energy drives within the 5 years because the publication of the seventh version of Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines name for an replace. Rationalization within the engine design/constructing business has additionally been sustained, with the bigger teams persevering with to soak up (and in some instances part out) long-established smaller marques.

    This eighth version displays the generic and particular advances made by marine engine designers and specialists in help applied sciences— notably turbocharging, gas remedy, emissions discount and automation techniques—that are pushed by: ship designer calls for for extra compactness and decrease weight; shipowner calls for for greater reliability, serviceability and total operational economic system; and shipbuilder calls for for decrease prices and simpler set up procedures.

    A revised historic perspective logs the nautical milestones over the primary century of marine diesel know-how, which closed with the emergence of electronically-controlled low pace designs paving the trail for future so-called Clever Engines.

    Improvement progress with these designs and working expertise with the primary to enter industrial service are reported on this new version. Growing curiosity in dual-fuel and gas-diesel engines for marine and offshore functions, because the final version, is mirrored in an expanded chapter.

    The specification of dual-fuel medium pace equipment for LNG carriers in 2002 marked the autumn of the ultimate bastion of steam turbine propulsion to the diesel engine.

    Controls on exhaust fuel emissions—significantly nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and smoke—have tightened regionally and internationally, dictating responses from engine designers exploiting frequent rail gas techniques, emulsified gas, direct water injection and cost air humidification.

    These and different options, together with selective catalytic discount techniques, are detailed in an prolonged chapter. Additionally prolonged is the chapter on fuels and lube oils, and the issues of contamination, which incorporates data on low sulphur fuels, new cylinder and system lubricants, and cylinder oil feed system developments.

    A brand new chapter supplies an introduction to marine fuel generators, now competing extra strongly with diesel engines in some key industrial propulsion sectors, notably cruise ships and quick ferries. The normal core of this e-book—critiques of the present programmes of the main low, medium and excessive pace engine designers—has been totally up to date.

    Particulars of all new designs and main refinements to established fashions launched because the final version are offered. Technically vital engines not in manufacturing however nonetheless encountered at sea justify their continued protection.

    In getting ready the brand new version the writer expresses once more his gratitude for the groundwork laid by the late C.C. Pounder and to the editors of the sixth version, his late buddy and colleague Chris Wilbur and Don Wight (whose contributions are respectively acknowledged on the finish of sections or chapters by C.T.W. and D.A.W.).

    In an business beneficiant for imparting data on new developments and facilitating visits, particular thanks are once more as a consequence of MAN B&W Diesel, Wärtsilä Company, Caterpillar Motoren, ABB Turbo Programs, the foremost classification societies, and the main marine lube oil teams. Thanks additionally to my spouse Shelley Woodyard for help and help within the mission.

    Lastly, the writer hopes that this version, like its predecessors, will proceed to offer a helpful reference for marine engineers ashore and at sea, enginebuilders and ship operators.

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