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Many Miles To Go By Brian Tracy

Many Miles To Go: A Modern Parable For Business is best self-help and business book by Brian Tracy, published in 2003.

In this book, the author and his friends decided to embark on an adventurous trip to South Africa from North America. For that, they need to cross blazing and scorching Sahara desert where the temperature soars to 110 degrees Fahrenheit or more, with no water, shelter, or food easily available. You can download from below and buy from amazon if you want.

Brian Tracy’s first dream was of a journey-not a leisurely drive to the beach or a weekend campout, but an unscripted adventure that would take him 17,000 miles from his home on Canada’s Pacific Coast all the way to South Africa. After a harrowing series of false starts and narrow escapes, he finally completed the odyssey that would change his life, and his way of thinking about life and business. The road to business success, he realized, is just as exciting and dangerous and rewarding as a trek across the Sahara. In both business and life, succeeding-sometimes even surviving-requires vision, courage, persistence and the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own actions. Using his story as a metaphor for success in life and in business, Tracy shows how you can learn from similar life lessons the simple yet essential steps you can take for realizing the greatness within you and the full potential of your business.

Many Miles to Go: A Modern Parable for Business PDF

Author(s): Brian Tracy, Hrvey Mackay

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press, Year: 2003

ISBN: 9781891984990,1891984993




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