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Machining Technology Machine Tools and Operations

Machining Technology Machine Tools and Operations by Helmi A. Youssef and Hassan El Hofy PDF Free Download

Preface to Machining Technology PDF

This ebook offers a complete description of machining applied sciences associated to steel shaping by materials elimination strategies, from the essential to essentially the most superior, in immediately’s industrial functions.

It’s a basic textbook for undergraduate college students enrolled in manufacturing, supplies and manufacturing, industrial, and mechanical engineering applications.

College students from different disciplines may use this ebook whereas taking programs within the space of producing and supplies engineering.

It needs to be additionally helpful to graduates enrolled in high-level machining know-how programs and skilled engineers working within the area of producing business.

The ebook covers the applied sciences, machine instruments, and operations of a number of machining processes.

The therapy of the completely different topics has been developed from the essential ideas of machining processes, machine software components, and management techniques,

and extends to ecological machining and the newest machining applied sciences, together with nontraditional strategies and hexapod machine instruments.

Together with the basics of the standard and trendy machine instruments and processes, the ebook presents environmentalfriendly machine instruments and operations;

design for machining, accuracy, and floor integrity realized by machining operations; machining knowledge;

and solved examples, issues, and evaluation questions, that are very helpful for undergraduate college students and manufacturing engineers dealing with store fl oor issues.

The ebook is written in 15 chapters, describing for the fi rst time in a single ebook the basics, primary components,

and operations of general-purpose machine instruments used for the manufacturing of cylindrical and fl at surfaces by turning, drilling and reaming, shaping and planing, and milling processes.

Particular-purpose machines and operations used for thread chopping, gear chopping, and broaching processes are additionally handled.

Semiautomatic, computerized, NC and CNC machine instruments, operations, tooling, mechanisms, equipment, and work fi xation are mentioned.

Abrasion and abrasive fi nishing machine instruments and operations corresponding to grinding, honing, superfi nishing, and lapping are described.

Trendy machine instruments and operations, dynamometers, and hexapod machine instruments and processes are described.

Design for correct and financial machining, ecological machining, ranges of accuracy, and floor fi nish attained by machining strategies are additionally offered.

Outlines of Machining Technology PDF

n Chapter 1, the historical past and progress of machining, features of machining know-how, and the essential motions of machine instruments are launched.

Classification of machine instruments and operations along with the essential motions of machining operations are additionally given.

Chapter 2 introduces the design issues and necessities of machine instruments, together with primary components corresponding to beds,

constructions, frames, guideways, spindles and shafts, stepped and stepless drives, planetary transmission, machine software motors, couplings, and brakes.

Materials choice and warmth therapy of machine software components, and the testing and upkeep of machine instruments are additionally mentioned.

Chapter 3 covers general-purpose steel chopping machine instruments together with lathes, drilling, reaming, jig boring machines, milling machines,

and the machine instruments of a reciprocating nature corresponding to shapers, planers, and slotters. Machine software components, mechanisms, tooling, equipment, and operations are additionally defined.

Chapter 3 additionally presents abrasion machine instruments, together with grinding and floor ending machines and processes.

Chapter 4 describes the differing types and functions of generally used screw threads.

Thread machining by chopping and grinding strategies are described, along with thread chopping machines and chopping instruments.

In Chapter 5, frequent varieties of gears are listed and their functions described.

Gear manufacturing by machining strategies that embrace chopping, grinding, and lapping are described, along with their corresponding machine instruments and operations.

Machining technology: machine tools and operations PDF

Author(s): Helmi A. Youssef, Hassan El-Hofy

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2008

ISBN: 9781420043396


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