Book Name: Machine Learning Yearning
Category: Machine Learning
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Machine Learning Yearning

This book will help you or your team make rapid progress as you work on a machine learning application.

Machine learning underpins countless important applications, including web search, email anti-spam, speech recognition, product recommendations, and more. I assume you or your team are working on a machine learning application and want to make rapid progress. This book will help you do that.
Machine Learning Yearning PDF Free Download
After finishing this book, you will have a deep understanding of how to set the technical direction for a machine learning project. But your teammates may not understand why you are recommending a particular direction. Maybe you want your team to define a single number rating metric, but they’re not convinced. How do you convince them? That’s why I shortened the chapters: so you can print them and let your teammates read only the 1-2 pages you need to let them know. Some prioritization changes can have a big effect on your team’s productivity. By helping your team with some of these changes, I hope you can become the superhero of your team!

Machine Learning Yearning

Author(s): Andrew Ng

Series: AI

Publisher: ATG AI, Year: 2018


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