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Linear Electric Machines, Drives, and MAGLEVs Handbook

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Book Description:

Based on author Ion Boldea’s 40 years of experience and the latest research, Linear Electric Machines, Drives, and Maglevs Handbook provides a practical and comprehensive resource on the steady improvement in this field. The book presents in-depth reviews of basic concepts and detailed explorations of complex subjects, including classifications and practical topologies, with sample results based on an up-to-date survey of the field.

Packed with case studies, this state-of-the-art handbook covers topics such as modeling, steady state, and transients as well as control, design, and testing of linear machines and drives. It includes discussion of types and applications—from small compressors for refrigerators to MAGLEV transportation—of linear electric machines. Additional topics include low and high speed linear induction or synchronous motors, with and without PMs, with progressive or oscillatory linear motion, from topologies through modeling, design, dynamics, and control.

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Table of Contents

Fields, Forces, and Materials for LEMs
Review of Electromagnetic Field Theory
Forces in Electromagnetic Fields of Primitive LEMs
Magnetic, Electric, and Insulation Materials for LEMs
Electric Conductors and Their Skin Effects
Insulation Materials for LEMs
Magnetostriction Effect LEMs
Methods of Approach

Classifications and Applications of LEMs
Linear Induction Machines
Linear Synchronous Motors for Transportation
Industrial Usage Linear Synchronous Machines
Solenoids and Linear Oscillatory Machines

Linear Induction Motors: Topologies, Fields, Forces, and PowersIncluding Edge, End, and Skin Effects
Topologies of Practical Interest
Specific LIM Phenomena
Dynamic End-Effect Quasi-One-Dimensional Field Theory
Summary of Analytical Field Theories of LIMs
Finite Element Field Analysis of LIMs
Dynamic End-Effect Compensation

Linear Induction Motors: Circuit Theories, Transients, and Control
Low-Speed/High-Speed Divide
LIM Circuit Models without Dynamic End Effect
Flat SLIMs with AL-on-Iron Long (Fix) Secondary
Flat SLIMs with Ladder Secondary
Tubular SLIM with Ladder Secondary
Circuit Models of High-Speed (High Goodness Factor) SLIMs
Low-Speed LIM Transients and Control
Control of Low-Speed LIMs
High-Speed LIM Transients and Control
DTFC of High-Speed LIMs

Design of Flat and Tubular Low-Speed LIMs
Flat SLIM with Ladder Long Secondary and Short Primary
Tubular SLIM with Cage Secondary

Transportation (Medium- and High-Speed) SLIM Design
Urban SLIM Vehicles (Medium Speeds)
High-Speed (Interurban) SLIM Vehicles Design
Optimization Design of SLIM: Urban Vehicles

DC-Excited Linear Synchronous Motors (DCE-LSM): Steady State, Design,Transients, and Control
Introduction and Topologies
dc Exciter (Inductor) Design Guidelines
Stator (Armature) Core Design
DCE-LSM Parameters and Performance
Circuit Model for Transients and Control
Field-Oriented Control of DCE-LSM
Note on PM + DCE-LSM

Superconducting Magnet Linear Synchronous Motors
Superconducting Magnet
Technical Field and Circuit Theory of SM-LSM
Normal and Lateral Forces
SM-LSM with Eight-Shape-Stator Coils
Control of SM-LSM

Homopolar Linear Synchronous Motors (H-LSM): Modeling, Design,and Control
H-LSM: Construction and Principle Issues
DC Homopolar Excitation Airgap Flux Density and AC emf E1
Armature Reaction and Magnetization Synchronous InductancesLdm and Lqm
Longitudinal End Effect in H-LSM
Preliminary Design Methodology by Example
H-LSM Model for Transients and Control
Vector Thrust (Propulsion) and Flux (Suspension) Control

Linear Reluctance Synchronous Motors: Modeling, Performance Design,and Control
Ldm, Lqm Magnetization Inductances of Continuous Secondary(Standard) L-RSM
Ldm, Lqm Magnetization Inductances for Segmented Secondary L-RSM
Ldm, Lqm (Magnetization) Inductances in Multiple Flux BarrierSecondary L-RSM
Reduction of Thrust Pulsations
dq (Space Phasor) Model of L-RSM
Steady-State Characteristics for Vector Control Strategies
Design Methodology for Low Speed by Example
Control of L-RSM

Linear Switched Reluctance Motors (L-SRM): Modeling, Design, and Control
Practical Topologies
Principle of Operation
Instantaneous Thrust
Average Thrust and Energy Conversion Ratio
Converter Rating
State Space Equations and Equivalent Circuit
Small Signal Model of L-SRM
PWM Converters for L-SRMs
Design Methodology by Example

Flat Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
A Few Practical Topologies
Multilayer Field Model of Iron-Core F-LPMSMs with Sinusoidal emfsand Currents
Magnetic Equivalent Circuit (MEC) Theory of Iron-Core F-LPMSM
Analytical Multilayer Field Theory of Air-Core F-LPMSM
Cogging Force and Longitudinal End Effects
dq Model of F-LPMSM with Sinusoidal emf
Steady-State Characteristics for Typical Control Strategies
F-LPMSM Control
Design Methodology of L-PMSM by Example

Tubular Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
A Few Practical Topologies
Fractionary (q ≤ 1) Three-Phase AC Winding
Technical Field Theory of T-LPMSM
Circuit dq Model of T-LPMSM
Advanced Analytical Field Theories of T-LPMSMs
Core Losses
Control of T-LPMSMs
Design Methodology
Generator Design Methodology

Multi-Pole Coil Three- or Two-Phase Linear PM Reluctance Motors
Few Practical Topologies
Technical Theory of Flux-Reversal IPM-Primary LPMRM
Numerical Example 14.1: FR-LPMRM Design
Transverse-Flux LPMRM Technical Theory
Example 14.2: TF-LPMRM
Example 14.3: TF-LPMRG Energy Converter

Plunger Solenoids and Their Control
Linear Circuit Model
Eddy Currents and Magnetic Saturation
Dynamic Nonlinear Magnetic and Electric Circuit Model
PM-Less Solenoid Design and Control
PM Plunger Solenoid
Case Study: PM Twin-Coil Valve Actuators

Linear DC PM Brushless Motors
Topology Aspects
Principle and Analytical Modeling
Geometrical Optimization Design by FEM
Air-Core Configuration Design Aspects
Design for Given Dynamics Specifications
Close-Loop Position Control for a Digital Video Camera Focuser

Resonant Linear Oscillatory Single-Phase PM Motors/Generators
Coil-Mover LOMs (LOGs)
PM-Mover LOM(G)
Iron-Mover Stator PM LOMs
Linear Oscillatory Generator Control
LOM Control

Multiaxis Linear PM Motor Drives
Large x–y (Planar) Motion PM Drive Topologies
Modeling of Large Travel Planar Linear PM Drives with RectangularAC Coils
Planar Linear PM Motor Micron Positioning Control for MillimeterRange Travel
Six DOF Control of a MAGLEV Stage
Multiaxis Nanometer-Positioning MAGLEV Stage

Attraction Force (Electromagnetic) Levitation Systems
Competitive Topologies
Simplified Analytical Model
Analytical Modeling of Longitudinal End Effect
Preliminary Design Methodology
Dynamic Modeling of ALS Control
State Feedback Control of ALS
Control System Performance Assessment
Control Performance Example
Vehicle Lifting at Standstill
Robust Control Systems for ALSs
Zero Power Sliding Mode Control for PM-Assisted ALSs

Repulsive Force Levitation Systems
Superconducting Coil RFLS: Competitive Technologies
Sheet Secondary (Track) Normal-Flux RFLS
Normal-Flux Ladder Secondary RFLS
Null-Flux RFLS
Dynamics of RFLS
Damping RFLS Oscillations
Repulsive Magnetic Wheel
Coil-PM Repulsive Force Levitation System
PM-PM Repulsive Force Levitation System

Active Guideway MAGLEVs
DC-Excited Iron-Core LSM MAGLEV Vehicles (Transrapid)
Supercon MAGLEVs
Iron-Core Active Guideway Urban PM-LSM MAGLEVs
Active Guideway Multimover Doubly Fed LIM MAGLEV IndustrialPlatforms

Passive Guideway MAGLEVs
H-LSM MAGLEV (Magnibus)
Potential Improvements on Magnibus System
Transverse-Flux PM-LSM MAGLEVs
DC-Polarized L-SRM MAGLEVs
Multiphase (True Brushless) Linear Reluctance Machine MAGLEVs

Linear electric machines, drives, and MAGLEVs handbook PDF

Author(s): Ion Boldea

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2013

ISBN: 9781439845158




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