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Lifelong Machine Learning by Zhiyuan Chen, Bing Liu

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Lifelong Machine Learning, Second Edition is an introduction to an advanced machine learning paradigm that continually learns by accumulating past knowledge which it then uses in future learning and problem solving. In contrast, the current dominant machine learning paradigm learns in isolation: given a training dataset, it runs a machine learning algorithm on the dataset to produce a model which is then used in the intended application. It does not try to hold back the knowledge learned and use it in further learning. Unlike this isolated system, humans learn effectively from a few examples precisely because our learning is so knowledge-based: knowledge learned in the past helps us learn new things with little information or little effort. Lifelong learning aims to emulate this ability, because without it an artificial intelligence system cannot be considered truly intelligent. Research on lifelong learning has developed significantly in a relatively short period of time since the first edition of this book was published. The purpose of this second edition is to broaden the definition of lifelong learning, update the content of several chapters and add a new chapter on lifelong learning in deep neural networks, which has been actively researched over the past two to three years. Some chapters have also been rearranged so that each of them is more consistent for the reader. Furthermore, the authors want to propose a unified framework for the research area. Currently, there are several research topics in machine learning that are closely related to lifelong learning, in particular multitasking learning, transfer learning and meta-learning, because they also use the idea of ​​sharing and transferring knowledge. This book brings all of these topics together under one roof and discusses their similarities and differences. It aims to introduce this emerging machine learning paradigm and present a comprehensive investigation and review of important research findings and latest reflections in the area. Therefore, this book is suitable for students, researchers, and professionals interested in machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, or pattern recognition. Instructors can easily use the book for courses in any of these related fields.

lifelong machine learning second edition pdf
lifelong machine learning second edition
lifelong machine learning pdf
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Lifelong Machine Learning [2nd ed.]

Author(s): Zhiyuan Chen, Bing Liu

Series: Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Publisher: Morgan & Claypool, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9781681733036






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