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“A democracy can’t work with the Electoral College.” —President Trump.

The people who wrote the Constitution fought about it. More than 700 times, people in power have tried to change or get rid of it. Even now, millions of voters and even some members of Congress have the wrong idea about how it works. It makes our country even more divided and goes against the basic ideas of democracy: political equality and majority rule. How can we stand the Electoral College when not every vote counts the same and the candidate who gets the most votes can lose?

In two of the last five elections, the Electoral College went against what the people voted for. This calls into question the fairness of the whole system and gives the impression that the country is split into bright red and blue blocks, when in reality, it is purple from coast to coast. Even when the popular vote winner becomes president, tens of millions of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, find that their votes didn’t matter. And because the winner in each state gets all the voices, only a few close states ultimately decide who will be president.

At the start of the 2020 election season, political passions are boiling, and the American people are sending a clear message: how we vote for the only person whose job it is to represent all Americans is neither fair nor just. Now is the time for big changes. Shouldn’t the people decide who the president is?

In this well-researched and exciting call to arms, Supreme Court reporter and New York Times editorial board member Jesse Wegman uses the history of the founding era and information from campaign managers, field directors, and other officials from Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns in the twenty-first century to make a strong case for getting rid of the old and undemocratic Electoral College. In Let the People Pick the President, he explains how we can finally make every vote in the U.S. count and get people to believe in our democratic system again.


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Author(s): Jesse Wegman

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, Year: 2020

ISBN: 1250221978,9781250221971


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