Book Name: LEGO Wind Energy Green Energy Projects with Mindstorms EV3
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LEGO Wind Energy Green Energy Projects with Mindstorms EV3


LEGO Wind Energy Green Energy Projects with Mindstorms EV3 by Grady Koch and Elias Koch | PDF Free  Download.

Contents of LEGO Wind Energy PDF

Chapter 1: The Generator

  • Generator Fundamentals
  • Placing a Generator to Use
  • Non-LEGO Mills 
  • Generator Wire Connections

Chapter 2: The Gearbox 

  • LEGO Gears 
  • Gearing Up 
  • Compound Gears

Chapter 3: The Vertical-Axis Turbine 

  • Catching the Wind
  • Generator Mount 
  • Gearbox Body
  • Becoming a member of the Generator and Gearbox 
  • The Rotor
  • Last Meeting
  • Mount for KidWind Generator

Chapter 4: Airfoil Blades

  • The Airfoil
  • Wrapping in Duct Tape 
  • Design Concepts

Chapter 5: The Horizontal-Axis Turbine

  • The Generator/Gearbox 
  • Rotor and Blade Attachment 
  • Last Meeting
  • Mount for KidWind Generator
  • Chapter 6: Measuring Efficiency
  • Take a look at  Setup 
  • LEGO-based Meter
  • Assessing Turbine Efficiency
  • Relationship Between Energy and Energy 
  • Automated Energy Measurement

Chapter 7: Steering into the Wind

  • The Steering Vane
  • Last Meeting
  • Out of doors Testing

Chapter 8: Powering Issues 

  • LEDs Powered by Wind 
  • Charging a Battery

Chapter 9: A Twin-Rotor Turbine

  • Counter-Rotating Blades 
  • Electrical Connection

Chapter 10: A Pneumatic Generator

  • Design of the Pneumatic Turbine 
  • Pneumatic Connection

Introduction to LEGO Wind Energy PDF

Electrical energy is a lot the inspiration of at present’s society that we’ve felt the necessity to produce energy from scratch, even when it’s solely a little bit.

We may buy a diesel generator or solar-power array, however we discover the concept unsatisfying since this may probably not assist us to grasp or construct a functionality ourselves.


Constructing a machine is to really perceive the machine—therefore our fascination through the years with LEGO. LEGO makes constructing machines simple.

And so our journey started to generate electrical energy from LEGO components. Wind has been used as an influence supply for millennia, maybe as a result of it’s simple to harness with comparatively easy expertise.

Sailboats are recognized to have been in use for a minimum of 5,000 years. The earliest recognized use of wind power to show a wheel is from Heron of Alexandria within the first century A.D., who used wind to energy a musical organ.

Within the seventh century, windmills had been invented to grind grain and pump water, and such use flourished all through the world.

In 1887, the primary wind turbine for producing electrical energy was in-built Scotland by James Blyth. At this time, wind energy supplies about 4 p.c of the world’s generated electrical energy.

Now, with this e-book, individuals can take part on the wind-energy journey utilizing their LEGO assortment. We don’t imply LEGO fashions that appear to be miniature wind generators.

This e-book reveals functioning wind generators that generate electrical energy. It’s not a lot electrical energy, and if an individual’s curiosity is in micro-scale wind generators for sensible use, there are numerous such premade units accessible in the marketplace.

Moderately, this e-book is for individuals who need to find out how generators work, are collaborating in a wind energy design competitors, are typically fascinated about various power, or are LEGO followers searching for a brand new route.

LEGO does make a wind-power equipment in set 9688 Renewable Energy Add-On, however it’s a reasonably easy equipment that entails urgent collectively a number of parts, together with pre-made turbine blades.

We discovered this set fairly missing for an individual searching for to discover and perceive how generators work and learn how to optimize efficiency.

The LEGO system’s nice selection provides a lot extra in design risk. One purpose to look into selfmade wind generators is that many college students participate in wind turbine design competitions,

Such because the KidWind Problem, Collegiate Wind Competitors, and regionally organized contests.

Using LEGO is permissible by the principles of those competitions, however appears to not be properly exploited. On this e-book, examples are provided that match inside the KidWind Problem, together with adherence to guidelines of the competitors, reminiscent of {that a} particular generator be used.

Wind generators are maybe so standard for academic competitions as a result of their development touches on many facets of science and engineering:

aerodynamics, mechanics, constructions, electrical energy, electronics, and meteorology. There’s a lot that may be discovered by constructing a wind turbine, however, alternatively, the complexity could make it tough to know the place to begin.

We wrote this e-book to present such a begin, with the various facets of the turbine addressed with sensible examples.

We give particular design directions for turbine development, but additionally present recommendations and background science to go in new instructions.

Our hope is to encourage individuals to create their very own designs. Contemplating that children of middle-school age could also be on this matter,

we’ve written this e-book in order that such children can perceive the fabric with the assistance of an grownup coach. Highschool college students can probably work by means of the fabric on their very own.

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