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The Larkspur Quartet vol. 0
Book One in The Courting of Life and Death

Clandestina is a realm of secrets and dark magics. Among the nobles there is talk of a goddess of death, and a forbidden magic she grants to those that follow her—cræft that can heal injuries that should be fatal or even bring back the dead. But she asks for much in return; blood and sometimes even life itself.

Duc Pierre Salvador has returned to court after finishing his studies and becoming a surgeon. But, as he flirts with his childhood friend Elizabeth Anne, another waits for him…

Mora, The Lady of Death.

Larkspur or A Necromancer’s Romance is a novel about a young woman named Larkspur who is a necromancer and her romance with a man named Jasper. Larkspur is part of a secret society of necromancers who can communicate with the dead and use their powers for good. However, she is torn between her duty to society and her love for Jasper, a mortal who does not understand her abilities. As Larkspur struggles to balance her love and duty, she must confront a sinister force that threatens to destroy her and her society. Will Larkspur be able to protect those she loves and save the world from darkness?


Download Larkspur, or A Necromancer’s Romance PDF

Author(s): V. M. Jaskiernia

Series: The Courting of Life and Death (Book 1)


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