Book Name: Just Sex Book by Susan Kay Law
Category: A Special Books
Language: English
Format: PDF
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Ellen, as her best friend affirms, just got handed the dream of half of the wives in America. Her husband just told her to have an affair.

With her CEO husband, her kids, and her house keeping her busy, passion was never Ellen’s first priority. But somehow, her husband managed to make time in his schedule for it—with other women. Now he wants Ellen to believe that his reckless liaisons were nothing more than “just sex.” In fact, he’s so desperate to prove his point that he’s challenged her to find out for herself.

After so many years, Ellen is hauling out her rusty flirting skills and following her free-spirited best friend into a world she thought she’d left behind at the altar. She might not have any more faith in this marriage, but she’s about to find some in herself—and what starts as “just sex” might end up being a second chance to find something better.

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