Book Name: jQuery Fundamentals
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jQuery Fundamentals 

jQuery Fundamentals pdf

Book Description

With this unique, project-oriented book, author Rebecca Murphey teaches even the most novice of JavaScript users how to quickly get started utilizing the JavaScript jQuery Library to decrease the amount of code that needs to be written and tested. A four-color code highlighting system provides a visual reminder and lets you see the nuts and bolts comprising each line and section of code. With this helpful guide and hands-on exercises, you’ll be able to put jQuery to work for you and avoid writing code from scratch.

You’ll discover how the jQuery library separates itself from other JavaScript libraries through its ease of use, compactness, and friendliness if you’re a beginner programmer.

Book Contents

Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 2: JavaScript Basics
Chapter 3: jQuery Basics
Chapter 4: jQuery Core
Chapter 5: Events
Chapter 6: Effects
Chapter 7: Ajax
Chapter 8: Plugins
Chapter 9: Performance Best Practices
Chapter 10: Code Organization
Chapter 11: Custom Events


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