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Language English
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Introduction to Marine Engineering 2nd Version by D. A. Taylor

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First printed 1983

Reprinted 1985

Second version 1990

Reprinted 1992,1993,1994

Revised 19%

Reprinted 1998 (twice), 1999,2000 (twice), 2001,2002,2003

Contents of Marine Engineering PDF Ebook

  • Ships and equipment 
  • Diesel engines 
  • Steam generators and gearing 
  • Boilers 
  • Feed programs 
  • Pumps and pumping programs 
  • Auxiliaries 
  • Gas oils, lubricating oils and their therapy 
  • Refrigeration, air-con and air flow 
  • Deck equipment and hull tools 
  • Shafting and propellers 
  • Steering gear 
  • Hearth preventing and security 
  • Electrical tools 
  • Instrumentation and management 
  • Engineering supplies 
  • Watchkeeping and tools operation

Preface to Marine Engineering PDF Ebook

Progress has been made in lots of areas of marine engineering for the reason that first version of this e book was printed.

A better emphasis is now being positioned on the cost-effective operation of ships. This has meant extra fuel-efficient engines, much less time in port and the necessity for better tools reliability, fewer engineers and extra use of robotically operated equipment.

The marine engineer remains to be, nonetheless, required to perceive the working rules, building and operation of all of the equipment gadgets in a ship.

The necessity for proper and secure working procedures is as nice as ever. There may be significantly extra laws which should be understood and complied with, for instance in relation to the discharging of oil, sewage and even black smoke from the funnel.

Engineers should now be extra environmentally conscious of the outcomes of their actions and new materials is included on this revised version coping with exhaust emissions, environmentally pleasant refrigerants and hearth extinguishants.

The intention of this e book is to merely clarify the operation of all of the ship’s equipment to an Engineer Cadet or Junior Engineer who’s embarking on a profession at sea.

The emphasis is all the time upon right, secure working procedures and practices always. The content material has been maintained at a degree to cowl the syllabuses of the Class 4 and Class 3 Engineer’s Certificates of Competency and the primary two years of the Engineer Cadet Coaching Scheme.

Further materials is included to cowl the Engineering data syllabus of the Grasp’s Certificates. Anybody with an curiosity in ships’ equipment or an expert involvement within the delivery enterprise ought to discover this e book informative and helpful.

Introduction to Marine Engineering PDF

Author(s): D A Taylor (Auth.)

Publisher: Elsevier Ltd, Butterworth-Heinemann, Year: 1990

ISBN: 978-0-408-05706-6

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