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Interview Magic Job Interview Secrets From Americas Career and Life Coach

Interview Magic Job Interview Secrets From America’s Career and Life Coach | PDF Free Download.

Interview Magic Contents

Part 1: Interview Foundations

  • Chapter 1 10 Critical Truths for Job Interview Success
  • Chapter 2 First Things First: Focus on the Right F.I.T.
  • Chapter 3 Capture Your Value with “Smart” Success Stories
  • Chapter 4 Communicate Your Value Via a Career Brand
  • Chapter 5 Manage the “Buoy Factor”—How Mindset Can Sink or Support You in Interviews

Part 2: The Interview

  • Chapter 6 The 10 Types of Interviews
  • Chapter 7 Pass Online Prescreens and Assessments with Flying Colors
  • Chapter 8 Make a Great First Impression in Telephone Interviews
  • Chapter 9 Score Points in Behavioral Interviews
  • Chapter 10 Connect with the Interviewer How to Create the Right Chemistry
  • Chapter 11 Clarify and Collaborate—How to Explore What Needs to Be Done and How It Needs to Be Done
  • Chapter 12 Close with Professionalism—How to Wrap Up and Win

Part 3: Preparing for Interview Questions and Negotiating Salary

  • Chapter 13 How to Respond to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chapter 14 Master Your Industry-Specific Questions (ISQs)
  • Chapter 15 Deal with Illegal and Awkward Interview Questions
  • Chapter 16 Negotiate Your Salary: The Secrets to Knowing and Receiving What You’re Worth

Preface to Interview Magic Job Interview Secrets PDF

This resource is for career-minded professionals and managers who need insider secrets that will make them stand out from the competition in the interview process.

Although it’s titled Interview Magic, this book is not about using incantations, spells, or sleight-of-hand to trick an employer into hiring you!

It is, however, about tapping into extraordinary power and influence so that employers quickly recognize your value, offer you the job, and pay you top dollar. Interview Magic is divided into three parts.

Part 1 establishes the all-important foundation for interview success. Chapter 1 presents 10 liberating truths that can unlock fears, expose limiting beliefs, and turn around any ineffective strategies regarding the interview process.

Chapter 2 sets the foundation by helping you target positions that are the right Career-FIT™. After all, what’s the use of acing an interview if it lands you a job that isn’t a great fit?

In chapter 3, you’ll catalog a series of SMART Stories™; these success stories will help you provide employers with hard evidence of how you can deliver a return-on-investment (ROI) to the company by solving problems or serving needs.

Chapter 4 then walks you through the steps to create a memorable career brand—that unique combination of skills or competencies that employers are willing to pay a premium for! Branding is one of the hottest trends in career management.

Hear this! All of the insider tips and strategies shared in this book are nearly useless if you don’t (or won’t) believe in yourself.

Chapter 5 will infuse you with that make-or-break “I CAN” mindset, teaching you how to Inspire yourself daily, Control the controllable, Act now, and Never give up! In Part 2 of Interview Magic, you’ll review 10 common types of interviews in chapter 6 and find quick tips for preparing for each type.

Chapter 7 will help you be ready to run the gauntlet of online prescreening technology, psychometric interview instruments, and technology-based interviewing simulations.

Chapter 8 explains the secrets to a successful telephone interview and how to convert it to a face-to-face appointment. Behavioral and competency-based interviewing continues to be used heavily by human resource professionals and hiring managers.

Chapter 9 explains how to recognize behavioral interview questions, reveals the top 50 competencies most desired by employers, and coaches you on how to deliver a SMART Story™ that packs a powerful punch.

In chapters 10, 11, and 12, you’ll learn a proven “4 Cs” model for Connecting with interviewers, Clarifying the employer’s needs in the position, Collaborating on how to deliver results in the position, and Closing the interview in a manner that keeps communication lines open and “forwards” your momentum.

In Part 3 of this book, you’ll benefit from reviewing more than 100 interview questions, including frequently asked questions (FAQs), industry-specific questions (ISQs), and illegal and awkward questions (covered in chapters 13, 14, and 15, respectively).

Answer strategy is provided, along with dozens of “magic words” sample responses. You’ll learn how to be positive, precise, and pertinent so that the employer knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will contribute to his or her bottom-line productivity and profit.

With a clear picture of your “reality,” “comfort,” and “dream number” salary ranges, you’ll find in chapter 16 the secret to negotiating with power and integrity so that you can receive what you’re worth! One of the nicest features of this book is the tips found at the end of chapters 2 through 16.

The “10 Quick Tips” for each chapter will give you a quick overview if you’re in a hurry, while the coaching tips will help you take charge and move your career forward with commitment, intention, and momentum. If you’re ready to do something awesome for your career, read on!

Interview Magic: Job Interview Secrets From America’s Career and Life Coach PDF

Author(s): Susan Britton Whitcomb

Publisher: Jist Works, Year: 2004

ISBN: 9781593570163,1593570163


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