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This book develops a mathematical framework for modeling and optimizing interference-coupled multiuser systems. This framework’s core is the concept of general interference functions, which provides a simple means of characterizing interdependencies between users. The entire analysis builds on the two core axioms, scale-invariance, and monotonicity.
The proposed network calculus has its roots in power control theory and wireless communications. It adds theoretical tools for analyzing the typical behavior of interference-coupled networks. In this way, it complements existing game-theoretic approaches.
The framework should also be viewed in conjunction with optimization theory. There is a fruitful interplay between the theory of interference functions and convex optimization theory. By jointly exploiting the properties of interference functions, it is possible to design algorithms that outperform general-purpose techniques that only exploit convexity.
The title “network calculus” refers to the fact that the theory of interference functions constitutes a generic theoretical framework for analyzing interference-coupled systems. Certain operations within the framework are “closed”; combinations of interference functions are interference functions again. Also, certain properties are preserved under such procedures. This provides a methodology for analyzing different multiuser performance measures that can be expressed as interference functions or combinations of interference functions.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages –
Introduction….Pages 1-16
Systems of Coupled Interference Functions….Pages 17-38
The Structure of Interference Functions and Comprehensive Sets….Pages 39-98
Nash Bargaining and Proportional Fairness for Log-Convex Utility Sets….Pages 99-154
QoS-Constrained Power Minimization….Pages 155-182
Weighted SIR Balancing….Pages 183-195
Back Matter….Pages –


Interference Calculus: A General Framework for Interference Management and Network Utility Optimization PDF

Author(s): Martin Schubert, Holger Boche (auth.)

Series: Foundations in Signal Processing, Communications and Networking 7

Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, Year: 2012

ISBN: 3642246206,9783642246203


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