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Find out how IAX can complement SIP to overcome complications in current SIP-based communications.

Written by an expert in the field of telecommunications, this book describes the Inter-Asterisk Exchange protocol (IAX) and its operations, discussing the main characteristics of the protocol, including NAT traversal, security, IPv6 support, interworking between IPv4 and IPv6, interworking with SIP and many others. The author presents how IAX can be activated to avoid complications such as NAT and intermediary boxes in operational architectures. This book analytically demonstrates the added values of IAX protocol compared to existing ones while proposing viable deployment scenarios that assess the protocol’s behavior in operational networks.

Key Features:

Promotes a viable alternative protocol to ease the deployment of multimedia services


Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1–10):
Chapter 2 The IAX Protocol at a Glance (pages 11–16):
Chapter 3 IAX Uniform Resource Identifier (pages 19–33):
Chapter 4 IAX Frames (pages 35–46):
Chapter 5 IAX Information Elements (pages 47–66):
Chapter 6 IAX Messages (pages 67–78):
Chapter 7 IAX Connectivity Considerations (pages 79–87):
Chapter 8 IAX Operations (pages 89–101):
Chapter 9 IAX and Advanced Services (pages 105–116):
Chapter 10 Multi?IAX Servers Environment (pages 117–132):
Chapter 11 IAX and NAT Traversal (pages 133–153):
Chapter 12 IAX and Peer?to?Peer Deployment Scenarios (pages 155–167):
Chapter 13 IAX and IPv6 (pages 169–190):
Chapter 14 IAX: Towards a Lightweight SBC? (pages 191–204):
Chapter 15 Scenarios for the Deployment of IAX?Based Conversational Services (pages 207–221):
Chapter 16 IAX in the Access Segment of SIP?Based Service Architectures (pages 223–238):
Chapter 17 Validation Scenario (pages 239–247):


Inter-Asterisk Exchange (IAX): Deployment Scenarios in SIP-Enabled Networks PDF

Author(s): Mohamed Boucadair(auth.), David Hutchison, Serge Fdida, Joe Sventek(eds.)

Year: 2009

ISBN: 9780470770726,9780470742181


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