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Intelligent technical systems are networked, embedded systems incorporating real-time capacities that can interact with and adapt to their environments. These systems need innovative approaches to meet requirements like cost, size, power and memory consumption, as well as real-time compliance and security.

Intelligent Technical Systems cover different levels like multimedia systems, embedded programming, middleware platforms, sensor networks and autonomous systems and applications for clever engineering.

Each level is discussed by a set of original articles summarizing state of the art and presenting a concrete application; they include a deep discussion of their model and explain all design decisions relevant to obtain a mature solution.

    • The multimedia processing systems provide solutions for image processing, multimedia platform design and discovery protocols.
    • The embedded programming section shows physical modeling and specification approaches, knowledge extraction from code, real-time compilers, and library development.
    • Middleware platforms for intelligent technical systems connect different applications on networked devices via services. The main aspects handled in this part are dynamic configuration, hardware and software communication integration, sensor integration and virtualization.
    • The sensor networks part discusses the deployment of sensor networks, low-cost actuators and intelligent, fault-tolerant design of autonomous mobile robots.
    • The final section presents different applications of intelligent engineering, discussing memory management, requirement traceability, and security aspects.

The results presented will help researchers and engineers to keep ahead with their knowledge in the rapidly evolving field of intelligent technical systems.

Table of contents :

Front Matter….Pages I-XIII
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Smart Wireless Image Sensors for Video Surveillance….Pages 3-16
Policy Management Architecture for Multimedia Services in a Multi-Provider Scenario….Pages 17-30
Embedding Multi-Task Address-Event-Representation Computation….Pages 31-44
End to End UPnP AudioVisual Service Provisioning and Management….Pages 45-58
Virtual Development Environment for Embedded Systems Using ARMulator and SystemC Models….Pages 59-72
Front Matter….Pages 73-73
Rule-Set Extraction from C-Code….Pages 75-88
Real Time Implementation of Fuzz-Face Electric Guitar Effect….Pages 89-100
Providing Standardized Fixed-Point Arithmetics for Embedded C Programs….Pages 101-114
Front Matter….Pages 115-115
A Home E-Health System for Dependent People Based on OSGI….Pages 117-130
Transparent IP Cores Integration Based on the Distributed Object Paradigm….Pages 131-144
Platform Modeling in Safety-Critical Embedded Systems….Pages 145-158
Service Platform for E-Safety Automotive Intelligent System….Pages 159-172
Front Matter….Pages 173-173
Intelligent, Fault Adaptive Control of Autonomous Systems….Pages 175-188
Digital Open-Loop Control of a Piezoelectric Valve for Household Appliances….Pages 189-202
Comining Quantitative and Qualitative Models with Active Observtions to Improve Diagnosis of Complex Systems….Pages 203-216
Front Matter….Pages 217-217
Object Memory Management for Constrained Devices with Heterogeneous Memories….Pages 219-232
Efficient Computation of Min and Max Sensor Values in Multihop Networks….Pages 233-246
A Low-Cost FPGA-Based Embedded Fingerprint Verification and Matching System….Pages 247-260
FPGA-Rootkits….Pages 261-274
Bridging the Requirements to Design Traceability Gap….Pages 275-288


Intelligent technical systems PDF

Author(s): Massimo Conti, Simone Orcioni (auth.), Natividad Martínez Madrid, Ralf E.D. Seepold (eds.)

Series: Lecture notes in electrical engineering 38

Publisher: Springer Netherlands, Year: 2009

ISBN: 9781402098222,1402098227



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