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Information Security for Journalists

    Book Name: Information Security for Journalists
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    Information Security for Journalists 

    A practical handbook for journalists in general and investigative reporters in particular. It presents the most effective ways to keep your work private and safe from eavesdropping.

    Information Security for Journalists PDF Free Download

    After learning how Snowden’s revelations are safely presented to the public, we know that there are real safeguards.
    The CIJ Handbook, Confidentiality for Journalists, outlines the most effective ways to keep your work secret and safe from spies.
    It explains how to write securely, how to think about safety, and how to securely receive, store, and send information that a government or powerful corporation might want you to know, have or you don’t share.
    To ensure your privacy and the safety of your sources, Confidentiality for Journalists will help you make your communications indecipherable, inaccessible and hidden. name.

    When planning for work that needs to be kept private and confidential, it is important to carefully assess the level of threat that may accompany it.
    Store maintenance, workplace health and safety, restaurant cleaning and hospital cleaning may be areas where the precautions and methods described herein are not necessary or can complicate and slow down your work. In these cases, a phone call made or received outside of work or home to a source or reporter can provide adequate protection, at least for the initial contact.

    Individuals working or reporting on national security, military, intelligence, nuclear affairs or at the governmental and corporate levels should perhaps consider this handbook very important to security


    information security for journalists pdf


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