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How to Test Almost Everything Electronic by Delton T. Horn

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How to Test Almost Everything Electronic Third Version by Delton T. Horn


Electronics encompasses these issues we will neither hear , see, contact,or style. Electrical voltage,present, and resistance are in-visible to the sense. In fact,You may straight sense an elec-trical  shock , however to study whats occurring inside an digital circuit, you should  use take a look at gear. Test gear is particular equipment designed to give seen or audible indications of what’s there and what it’s doing . fashionable take a look at devices are amazingly versatile. They will do nearly something, if you understand how to use them, how they work,and what their imitations are. in the event you dont know the way to use take a look at gear correctly, it’s just about ineffective. it’s also simply as essential to know what a take a look at instrument cant do.  ALL take a look at devices could make the exams as properly, if you understand how the devices work and the way their readings can point out the presence or absence of different electrical parameters.

Book Contents

Chapter 1: Test Equipment.
Chapter 2: Dc Voltage Tests And Power Supplies.
Chapter 3: Current Tests.
Chapter 4: VOM And VTVM Tests.
Chapter 5: Oscilloscope Tests.
Chapter 6: Component Tests.
Chapter 7: TV Tests.
Chapter 8: Special Tests.
Chapter 9: Signal Tracing And Alignment Tests.
Chapter 10: Digital Circuits.
Chapter 11: Flowcharting And Troubleshooting.

As the world of electronics gets more complex, so do the meters, probes, and other testing devices used to troubleshoot electronic systems. This bestselling guide should be the first word for beginner-level hobbyists and students who want to understand and use today’s electronic test equipment. Light on theory and mathematical calculations, it’s a practical handbook and reference that clearly explains how common testing devices such as the multimeter, frequency and logic probes, signal tracers, and oscilloscopes are used to pinpoint problems in everything from TV sets and computers to automotive electrical systems.

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Author(s): Jack Darr, Delton T. Horn

Publisher: TAB Books Inc, Year: 1993

ISBN: 0830641289,9780830641284



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