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It’s one thing to eat an Indian meal at a restaurant. It’s a whole other thing to have to cook it yourself.

To make good food, you need to do more than buy a list of ingredients and follow a list of steps. It’s about knowing the little tips and tricks you learn after making something often. This cook book saves you the trouble of making your favourite Indian dish for Sunday dinner and failing.

Unlike many other cook books, this one doesn’t try to examine Indian food comprehensively. Instead, it just covers the basics. Instead, the goal is to help readers make a small number of authentic meals that they can serve to guests on special occasions. These meals should be cooked perfectly on the first try. This is done by giving recipes and explaining the most common mistakes, how to cook, what ingredients are most important, etc.


Download How-to: Real Indian Cooking: Authentic Home Cooking Recipes Epub 

Author(s): Vishal Singh

Publisher: Independently published, Year: 28 Dec 2018

ISBN: 1792823452,978-1792823459


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