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How to Design Classes pdf

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The authors put classes and the design of classes at the center of their approach. This volume shows students how object-oriented programming languages such as C++, C#, and Java support this effort with syntactic constructs. They also refine the program design discipline.

About the Authors

Matthias Felleisen is a German-American computer science professor and author. He grew up in Germany and immigrated to the US when he was 21. He is currently a Trustee Professor in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.


How to Design Classes. Data: Structure and Organization PDF

Author(s): Matthias Felleisen, Matthew Flatt, Robert Bruce Findler, Kathryn E. Gray, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Viera K. Proulx

Year: 2012

ISBN: 0-262-06218-6


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