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How Music and Mathematics Relate

    Book Name: How Music and Mathematics Relate
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    How Music and Mathematics Relate 

    Table of contents :

    1 Overtones—Symphony in a Single Note
    2 Timbre—Why Each Instrument Sounds Different
    3 Pitch and Auditory Illusions
    4 How Scales Are Constructed
    5 How Scale Tunings and Composition Coevolved
    6 Dissonance and Piano Tuning

    7 Rhythm—From Numbers to Patterns
    8 Transformations and Symmetry
    9 Self-Reference from Bach to Gödel
    10 Composing with Math—Classical to Avant-Garde
    11 The Digital Delivery of Music
    12 Math, Music, and the Mind

    How Music and Mathematics Relate pdf free

    How Music and Mathematics Relate

    Author(s): David Kung

    Publisher: n/a, Year: 2013

    ISBN: 1598039210,9781598039214


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