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How High Will You Climb? Determine Your Success by Cultivating the Right Attitude Book by John C. Maxwell. John Maxwell says it all depends on your attitude. Nose up or nose down? Just as the angle of an airplane determines its altitude, so does the approach we take—to family, to work, to life in general—determine the attitude we present to the world.

A positive attitude comes easy in times of joy and progress. But the real test of character comes during times of turmoil and conflict–which are always just on the horizon. When the skies above appear stormy, how will you steer that internal plane we call attitude?

In How High Will You Climb? bestselling author and pastor John C. Maxwell emphasize that even in the worst of storms, we are never flying solo. With God supporting our approach in every challenge that comes our way, we have the power to choose–yes, choose–the attitude we take with us on our journey. Oftentimes our outward expression and attitude during conflict are every bit as critical as the inward struggle, and our approach to the struggles in our family, in work, in life, in general, will actually determine the outcome more than the actual struggle. The choice is yours–when your path brings you through your next storm, how high will you climb?


How High Will You Climb?: Determine Your Success by Cultivating the Right Attitude

Author(s): John C. Maxwell

Publisher: Harpercollins Leadership, Year: 2014

ISBN: 9781400205929,9781400205912


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