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No longer is it okay to go for the easy things? Mark Rampolla, who started ZICO Coconut Water, says that if you aim high, you can build a great business, make money, and change the world. Most people would say that Mark Rampolla was successful in 2004. The only problem was that he needed to be more interested in his job and thought he had more to offer the world. When he asked himself, “What can I do that will make the world a better place?” Rampolla saw that his big idea was right there in front of him.

Living in Central America taught him and his family to love drinking coconut water like the locals. But no one in the United States sold coconut water. So Rampolla went after a huge goal: putting coconut water on the American drink market, which a few big companies dominated. He wasn’t just starting a business but making a new industry. ZICO Coconut Water gave Americans a healthy alternative to soda and helped growers and suppliers in the developing world make money from this resource. It was good for Rampolla, his clients, and the world. So good that the Coca-Cola Company bought ZICO in 2013 and is putting it on shelves worldwide. Rampolla wrote High-Hanging Fruit for people who want to be successful because of their values, not despite them. This book is for people who think it’s their job to build businesses driven by passion, purpose, and integrity, not just the bottom line. Most of all, it’s a rallying cry for a new generation of entrepreneurs who want to change the old way of doing business and do good at the same time.


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Author(s): Rampolla, Mark

Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group;Portfolio;Penguin, Year: 2016

ISBN: 9780399562129



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