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Hidden treasures

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Stephen O`Meara’s exciting new Observation Guide highlights an original selection of 109 deep-sky objects that will interest sky-watchers around the world. Its “hidden treasures” include an array of galaxies, open clusters, planetary nebulae and more, all of which have been handpicked for their popularity and ease of observation. None of these objects have been cataloged Messier or Caldwell, and all are visible in a 4-inch telescope under dark skies. Stunning photographs and beautiful drawings come with detailed visual descriptions of the objects, including their rich history and astrophysics significance. The author’s original search map is designed to help discoverers reach their goals quickly and efficiently.

Hidden treasures

Author(s): Stephen James O’Meara

Series: Deep-sky companions

Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Sky & Telescope, Year: 2007

ISBN: 0521837049,9780521837040


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