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Heat Transfer Calculations

Author(s)  : Myer Kutz
Writer   : McGraw Hill
Pages       : 727
Measurement          : 9.5Mb

Book Description:

Heat Transfer Calculations by Myer Kutz e-book with straightforward procedures, calculations, enhancement methods, formulation and guidelines of thumb. This handy ebook provides you the instruments to resolve a broad part of issues coping with topics starting from thermal industrial gear to thermal properties of supplies.

Book Contents:

A. Contributors
B. Preface
Half 1: Introductory Calculations
1) Multi part Movies and Part Change
2) Industrial Heat-Transfer Calculations

Half 2: Regular-State Calculations
3) Heat-Transfer and Temperature Outcomes for a Transferring Sheet Located in a Transferring Fluid
4) Resolution for the Heat-Transfer Design of a Cooled Gasoline Turbine Airfoil
5) Regular-State Heat-Transfer Downside: Cooling Fin
6) Cooling of a Gasoline Cell
7) Turbo generator Rotor Cooling Calculation
8) Heat Transfer via a Double-Glazed Window

Half 3: Transient and Cyclic Calculations
9) Use of Inexperienced’s Perform to Clear up for Temperatures in a Bi-material Slab Uncovered to a Periodic Heat Flux Utilized to Corrosion Detection
10) Lumped-Capacitance Mannequin of a Tube Heated by a Periodic Supply with Software to a PDE Tube
11) Calculation of Decoking Intervals for Direct-Fired Gasoline and Liquid Cracking Heaters
12) Transient Heat-Transfer Downside: Tape Pack Cooling
13) Calculation of the Transient Response of a Roof to Diurnal Heat Load Variations
14) Transient Heating of a Painted Automobile Physique Panel in an Car Meeting Plant Paint Store Oven
15) Thermal System Transient Response
16) Thermal Response of Laminates to Cyclic Heat Enter from the Edge
17) A Easy Calculation Process for Transient Heat and Mass Transfer with Part Change: Moist Air Instance
18) A Calculation Process for First- and Second-Regulation Effectivity Optimization of Refrigeration Cycles
19) Transient Evaluation of Low Temperature, Low Vitality Provider
20) Parameter Estimation of Low Temperature, Low Vitality Provider

Half 4: Heat-Transfer-Coefficient Willpower
21) Calculation of Convective Heat-Transfer Coefficient Utilizing Semi-infinite Strong Assumption
22) Willpower of Heat-Transfer Movie Coefficients by the Wilson Evaluation

Half 5: Tubes, Pipes, and Ducts
23) Calculation of Native Inside-Wall Convective Heat-Transfer Parameters from Measurements of Native Outdoors-Wall Temperatures alongside an Electrically Heated Round Tube
24) Two-Part Strain Drop in Pipes
25) Calculations for Predicting Solids Deposition in Pipeline Transportation of Waxy Crude Oils
26) Heat Transfer in a Round Duct

Half 6: Heat Exchangers
27) Air Cooling of a Excessive-Voltage Energy Provide Utilizing a Compact Heat Exchanger
28) Vitality Restoration from an Industrial Garments Dryer Utilizing a Condensing Heat Exchanger
29) Sizing of a Cross-flow Compact Heat Exchanger
30) Single-Part Pure Circulation Loops
31) Analysis of Condensation Heat Transfer in a Vertical Tube Heat Exchanger
32) Heat Exchanger Design Utilizing an Evolutionary Algorithm

Half 7: Fluidized Beds
33) Fluidized-Mattress Heat Transfer

Half 8: Parameter and Boundary Estimation
34) Estimation of Parameters in Fashions
35) Higher Bounds of Heat Transfer from Containers
36) Estimating Freezing Time of Meals

Half 9: Temperature Management
37) Precision Temperature Management Utilizing a Thermo-electric Module

Half 10: Thermal Evaluation and Design
38) Thermal Evaluation of a Giant Telescope Mirror
39) Thermal Design and Operation of a Moveable PCM Cooler
40) A First-Order Thermal Evaluation of Balloon-Borne Air-Cooled Electronics
41) Thermal Evaluation of Convectively Cooled Heat-Dissipating Parts on Printed Circuit Boards
42) Design of a Fusion Bonding Course of for Fabricating Thermoplastic-Matrix Composites

Half 11: Financial Optimization
43) Financial Optimization of Heat-Transfer Programs
44) Turkey Oven Design Downside

Heat Transfer Calculations PDF

Author(s): Myer Kutz

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, Year: 2005

ISBN: 0071410414




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