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Hardware Hacking by Nicolas Collins

Hardware Hacking Contents

Half I: Beginning

  • Chapter 1: Getting Began 
  • Chapter 2: The Seven Fundamental Guidelines of Hacking

Half II: Listening

  • Chapter 3: Circuit Sniffing
  • Chapter 4: In/Out
  • Chapter 5: The Celebrated Leaping Speaker of Bowers County 
  • Chapter 6: The way to Solder 
  • Chapter 7: The way to Make a Contact Mike 
  • Chapter 8: Flip You Tiny Wall Right into a Speaker
  • Chapter 9: Tape Heads
  • Chapter 10: A Easy Air Mike

Half III: Touching

  • Chapter 11: Laying of Palms 
  • Chapter 12: Tickle the Clock
  • Chapter 13: Hack the Clock 
  • Chapter 14: Ohm’s Legislation for Dummies 
  • Chapter 15: Past the Pot
  • Chapter 16: Switches 
  • Chapter 17: Jack, Batt & Pack

Half IV: Constructing

  • Chapter 18: World’s Easiest Oscillator 
  • Chapter 19: From Breadboard to Circuit Board 
  • Chapter 20: Extra Oscillators
  • Chapter 21: Even Extra Oscillators 
  • Chapter 22: On/Off 
  • Chapter 23: Amplification and Distortion 
  • Chapter 24: Analog to Digital Conversion, Form of

Half V: Wanting

  • Chapter 25: Video Music/Music Video
  • Chapter 26: LCD Artwork

Half VI: Ending

  • Chapter 27: Mixers, Matrices, and Processing 
  • Chapter 28: A Little Energy Amplifier
  • Chapter 29: Energy Provides

Introduction to Hardware Hacking PDF

This e-book teaches you tickle electronics. It’s a information to the artistic transformation of shopper digital expertise for various use.

We stay in a reduce and paste world: Management-X and Management-V give us the liberty to rearrange phrases, photos, video, and sound to remodel any outdated factor into our new factor with super ease and energy.

However, by and enormous, that is additionally an “off-line” world, whose digital instruments, as highly effective as they is perhaps, are extra appropriate to getting ready texts, picture albums, motion pictures, and CDs in non-public, slightly than on stage.

Lately most “stay digital music” appears to be hibernating, its tranquil countenance solely disturbed infrequently by the occasional, discrete click on of a mouse.

My technology of composers got here of age earlier than the non-public laptop, at a time when digital devices have been far too costly for anybody however rock stars or universities, however whose constructing blocks (built-in circuits) have been fairly low-cost and nearly comprehensible.

A small, merry, if masochistic, band, we presumed to Do-It-Ourselves. We delved into the arcane argot of engineering magazines, scratched our heads, swapped schematics, drank one other beer, and cobbled collectively home-made circuits, most eccentric and sloppy sufficient to present “actual” engineer dyspepsia.

These people digital devices turned the calling playing cards of a unfastened coalition of composers that emerged within the mid-1970s, after John Cage, David Tudor, and David Behrman, and earlier than Oval, Moby, and Matmos.

By the tip of the 1970s, the microcomputers that may ultimately evolve into Apples and PCs had emerged from the primordial ooze of Silicon Valley, and most of us hung up our soldering irons and began coding, however the odd circuit popped up infrequently, including spice to the more and more digital musical combine.

Computer systems are fantastic, don’t get me improper, however the regular interface an ASCII keyboard and a mouse is awkward, and makes the act of performing a fairly oblique exercise like attempting to hug a child in an incubator.

“Different controllers” (equivalent to these made by STEIM and Buchla) are a step in the precise course, however generally it’s good to achieve out and contact a sound.

This e-book lifts the child out of the bassinet and drops her, bare and gurgling, into your ready arms, begging to be tickled.

The main focus is on sound-making performable devices, aids to recording, and strange noisemakers although some tasks have a powerful visible element as properly.

No earlier digital expertise is assumed, and the purpose is to get you making issues as rapidly as potential and preserve you alive from begin to end.

After studying primary soldering abilities, you’ll make quite a lot of listening units: acoustic microphones, contact mikes, coils for selecting up stray electromagnetic fields, tape heads.

Then you’ll lay arms upon, and modify, low-cost digital toys and different discovered circuitry the center and soul of hacking.

You’ll construct some circuits from scratch: easy, sturdy oscillators that may be managed by way of quite a lot of means (gentle, contact, knobs, switches), and mixed to create wealthy digital textures at minimal value and issue.

With the arrogance instilled by such a scrumptious din you’ll be able to proceed with circuits to amplify, distort, and in any other case mangle sound You may transfer on to some designs for linking sound with visible materials, and a few handy “glue” circuits, helpful for placing disparate elements collectively for efficiency or recording.

Lastly, there are a number of appendices to direct the reader to sources of provides and additional assets for data. In deciding on the particular tasks to incorporate on this e-book I used to be guided by a handful of basic assumptions and targets:

1. To maintain you alive. All of the tasks on this e-book are battery-powered; none plug into the doubtless deadly voltage working by way of your partitions.

This makes the early levels of unsupervised digital play exercise significantly safer, and fewer daunting for the newbie.

2. To maintain issues easy. We work with a small variety of simple “axiomatic” circuits and ideas that may be mixed with nice permutational richness as you proceed and acquire expertise, however, are straightforward to know and fast to get working first.

The purpose is to make cool sounds as rapidly as potential.

3. To maintain issues low-cost. By limiting ourselves to some core designs we reduce the amount and value of provides wanted to finish this e-book.

You do not want a full electronics lab, only a soldering iron, a couple of hand instruments, and about $50- value of elements which you’ll be able to acquire on-line.

By specializing in toys and different easy shopper electronics we additionally reduce the specter of “catastrophic loss” within the early, unpredictable days of freestyle hacking:!a Microjammer units you again significantly lower than a classic Bass Balls.

4. To maintain it silly. You can see right here an absolute minimal of idea. We study to design by ear, not by eye, gazing at refined take a look at devices or engineering texts. Ignorance is bliss, so get pleasure from it.

5. To forgive and overlook. There is not any “proper manner” to hack. I’ll attempt to steer you away from meltdowns however have included designs which might be sturdy, forgiving of wiring errors, and settle for a variety of element substitutions if you do not have the popular half.

Most of those circuits are beginning factors from which you’ll be able to design many variations with no additional assist from me when you love a hack, let it run free.

On account of these loans, this can be a distinctly non-standard introduction to digital engineering. Many of the typical topics of a primary electronics course, such as the worrisomely obscure transistor and the admittedly helpful little factor referred to as an opamp, are left unmentioned.

After turning during the last web page, you’ll emerge smarter, if weirder, than whenever you first opened the e-book. You’ll have acquired some uncommon abilities and ones which might be exceedingly helpful within the pursuit of surprising sounds.

You’ll have vital gaps in your data, however these gaps might be stuffed by a much less structured stroll by way of assets simply accessible in books and on-line (as described in Appendix 1.) And every thing digital you select to do after this e-book will probably be straightforward, I promise.

Why? As a result of you may be fearless. You’ll have the arrogance to survey these presumptuous “No user-serviceable elements inside!” labels and chuckle. You’ll be a hacker.


Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking

Author(s): Nicolas Collins

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2006

ISBN: 0415975921


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