Book Name: Handbook of Heat Transfer by Rohsenow Warren, Rohsenow Warren
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Handbook of heat transfer

Handbook of Heat Transfer

Author(s)  : Rohsenow Warren, Rohsenow WarrenWriter   : McGraw-Hill
Version      : Third
Pages         : 1501
Dimension           : 20 Mb

Heat switch is essential to just about each industrial and environmental course of in addition to to power manufacturing and conversion. Handbook of Heat Transfer is written by main warmth switch consultants (Rohsenow Warren, Rohsenow Warren), the eBook is one complete volume-of this traditional information provides engineers particulars on all advances in warmth switch know-how, offering the data wanted to resolve a variety of sensible warmth switch issues. An enormous revision of the two-volume second version, it eliminates concept and as a substitute emphasizes sensible purposes by presenting new findings on conduction, convection, radiation and multi-phase warmth switch, plus new chapters on micro scale warmth switch in porous media and warmth switch in pure processing.

Chapter 1. Fundamental Ideas of Heat Transfer
Chapter 2. Thermophysical Properties
Chapter 3. Conduction and Thermal Contact Resistances (Conductances)
Chapter 4. Pure Convection
Chapter 5. Pressured Convection, Inner Move in Ducts
Chapter 6. Pressured Convection, Exterior Flows
Chapter 7. Radiation
Chapter 8. Microscale Transport Phenomena
Chapter 9. Heat Transfer in Porous Media
Chapter 10. Nonnewtonian Fluids
Chapter 11. Strategies to Improve Heat Transfer
Chapter 12. Heat Pipes
Chapter 13. Heat Transfer in Packed and Fluidized Beds
Chapter 14. Condensation
Chapter 15. Boiling
Chapter 16. Measurement of Temperature and Heat Transfer
Chapter 17. Heat Exchangers
Chapter 18. Heat Transfer in Supplies Processing

Handbook of Heat Transfer PDF

Author(s): Warren Rohsenow, James Hartnett, Young Cho

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional, Year: 1998

ISBN: 0070535558,9780070535558



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