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Google Earth Engine Applications

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In a rapidly changing world, there is an increasing need to monitor the Earth’s resources and manage them sustainably for future generations. The observation of Earth from satellites is essential to provide the necessary information for timely and well-informed decision making on this matter. Satellite-based Earth observation has grown rapidly over the past 50 years, and there are numerous satellite sensors that take pictures of the Earth at better spatial and spectral resolution as well as high temporal resolution. The amount of data available for any location on Earth is now on the petabyte scale. Increasing capacity and computing power are needed to process such large data sets.
Google Earth Engine (GEE) is a cloud-based computing platform created by Google to support this data processing. This facility enables the storage, processing and analysis of spatial data using centralized high-powered computing resources, allowing scientists, researchers, hobbyists and any Anyone else interested in these fields harness this data and understand the changes that are taking place on the Earth’s surface.
This book presents research applying Google Earth Engine to the discovery, storage, retrieval, and processing of spatial data for a variety of applications, such as vegetation monitoring, land mapping cultivation, ecosystem valuation and total primary productivity, etc. The dataset used ranges from raw spatial resolution data, such as MODIS, to medium resolution datasets (Worldview-2) and studies covering the entire globe in different spatial and temporal scales.

Google Earth Engine Applications PDF


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