Book Name: Geotechnical Engineering by C Venkataramaiah
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Geotechnical Engineering by C Venkataramaiah :: This book has been designed to meet the needs of the Civil Engineering Curricula for the courses in the subject of Geotechnical Engineering of Indian Universities. The topics have been dealt with in a logical sequence and the concepts explained in a lucid manner. Adequate number of well-graded illustrative examples and problems for practice have been included; the answers for the latter are given at the end of the book. Summary of main points and references are given at the end of each chapter. References have been made to the relevant Indian Standard Codes at appropriate places. A large number of objective questions are given along with the answers at the end.

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Geotechnical Engineering by C Venkataramaiah

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Book Contents

Soil and Soil Mechanics

Composition of Soil—Terminology and Definitions

Index Properties and Classification Tests

Identification and Classification of Soils

Soil Moisture—Permeability and Capillarity

Seepage and Flow Nets

Compressibility and Consolidation of Soils

Shearing Strength of Soils

Stability of Earth Slopes

Stress Distribution in Soil

Settlement Analysis

Compaction of Soil

Lateral Earth Pressure and Stability of Retaining Walls

Bearing Capacity

Shallow Foundations

Pile Foundations

Soil Stabilisation

Soil Exploration

Caissons and Well Foundations

Elements of Soil Dynamics and Machine Foundations

Flexible Retaining Structures


Geotechnical Engineering by C Venkataramaiah PDF






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