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Hey, Game Developer!

  • Do you struggle to make your code hang together into a cohesive whole?
  • Find it harder to make changes as your codebase grows?
  • Feel like your game is a giant hairball where everything is intertwined with everything else?
  • Wonder if and how design patterns apply to games?
  • Hear things like “cache coherency” and “object pools”, but don’t know how to use them to make your game faster?

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Book Description

The biggest challenge many game programmers face is completing their game. Most game projects fail, overwhelmed by the complexity of their own code. Game programming patterns solve this exact problem. Drawing on years of experience shipping AAA titles, this book brings together proven patterns for debugging and optimizing your game, organized into stand-alone recipes so you can only Select the templates you need.

Game Programming Patterns bring the benefits of reusable design patterns to the world of game programming. Commercial game developer Robert Nystrom presents a series of general solutions to problems encountered during game development. For example, you’ll learn how dual accompaniment allows players to experience smooth, realistic motion, and how the service locator pattern can help you provide access to services like audio without the need for splicing. your code with a specific audio driver or audio hardware.

Games have much in common with other software, but also have some unique constraints. Some of the models in this book are well known in other areas of software development. The other models are unique to the game. Either way, Robert Nystrom is the bridge between the ivory tower world of software architecture with strategy heavy game programming. You will learn about patterns and the common problems they solve. You will be able to adopt powerful and reusable architectural solutions that allow you to create better quality games with less effort than before.

About Author

Robert Nystrom has been programming professionally for 20 years, about half of which is in games. During his eight years at Electronic Arts, he worked on big hits like Madden and smaller titles like Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzle Adventure. He’s ported games to PC, GameCube, PS2, XBox, X360, and DS, but he’s most proud of the tools and shared libraries he’s created for others to build on. He likes to see beautiful, usable code that magnifies the creativity of others.

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Table of Contents

Game Programming Patterns
Architecture, Performance, and Games
Design Patterns Revisited
Sequencing Patterns
Double Buffer
Game Loop
Update Method
Behavioral Patterns
Subclass Sandbox
Type Object
Decoupling Patterns
Event Queue
Service Locator
Optimization Patterns
Data Locality
Dirty Flag
Object Pool
Spatial Partition

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Game Programming Patterns PDF

Author(s): Robert Nystrom

Publisher: Genever Benning, Year: 2014





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