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Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering by L. P. Dake

PREFACE of Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering by L. P. Dake

This instructing textbook in Hydrocarbon Reservoir Engineering relies on numerous lecture programs given by the creator whereas employed within the Coaching Division of Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij B.V. (SIPM), within the Hague, between 1974 and 1977.

The first intention of Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering is to current the essential physics of reservoir engineering, utilizing the best and most easy of mathematical strategies. It is just by way of having a whole understanding of the physics that the engineer can hope to understand and clear up complicated reservoir engineering issues in a sensible method.

Chapters 1 by way of 4 function an introduction to the topic and include materials introduced on Shell’s primary coaching programs. They need to due to this fact be of curiosity to anybody even remotely related with the enterprise of creating and producing hydrocarbon reserves.

Chapters 5 by way of 8 are extra specialised describing the idea and observe of nicely testing and stress evaluation strategies, that are in all probability a very powerful topics in the entire of reservoir engineering.

The strategy is fully normal in recognising that the superposition of dimensionless stress, or pseudo stress capabilities, perm its the evaluation of any rate-pressure-time document retrieved from a nicely take a look at, for any kind of reservoir fluid.

To understand this generality, the reader is suggested to make a cursory inspection of part 8.13 (web page 295), earlier than embarking on a extra thorough studying of these chapters. The creator hopes that this can function a helpful introduction to the lately printed and, as regular, glorious SPE Monograph

(Advances in Effectively Check Evaluation; by Robert C. Earlougher, Jr.), wherein a information is assumed of a lot of the idea introduced in these 4 chapters. Chapter 9 describes the artwork of aquifer modelling, whereas Chapter 10, the ultimate chapter, covers the topic of immiscible, incompressible displacement.

The message right here isthat there may be however one displacement principle, that of Buckley and Leverett. Every little thing else is only a matter of “modifying” the relative permeability curves (identified within the enterprise as “scientific adjustment”), to account for the way wherein the fluid saturations are distributed within the dip-normal course.

These curves can then be used along with the one dimensional Buckley-Leverett equation to calculate the oil restoration. By stating the physics implicit within the era of averaged (pseudo) relative permeabilities and illustrating their function in numerical simulation, it’s hoped that this chapter will assist to information the hand of the scientific adjuster.

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering additionally incorporates quite a few absolutely labored workouts which illustrate the idea. Probably the most notable omission, amongst the themes lined, is the shortage of any severe dialogue on the complexities of hydrocarbon part behaviour.

This has al prepared been made the topic of a number of specialist textual content books, most notably that of Amyx, Bass and Whiting (reference 8, web page 42), which is incessantly referred to all through this textual content. A tough choice to make, on the time of writing, is which set of items to make use of.

Though the logical choice has been made that the trade ought to undertake the SI (Système Internationale) items, no settlement has but been reached in regards to the extent to which “allowable” items, expressed in phrases of the essential items, might be tolerated.

To keep away from doable error the creator has due to this fact elected to develop the necessary theoretical arguments in Darcy items, whereas equations required for utility within the subject are acknowledged in Subject items. Each these programs are outlined in desk 4.1, in Chapter 4, which appropriately is dedicated to the outline of Darcy’s legislation.

This chapter additionally incorporates a piece, (4.4), which describes the right way to convert equations expressed in a single set of items to the equal type in every other set of items. The selection of Darcy items relies largely on custom.

Equations expressed in these items have the identical type as in absolute items besides of their gravity phrases. Subject items have been utilized in sensible equations to allow the reader to narrate to the present AIME literature.

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering PDF

Author(s): L.P. Dake (Eds.)

Series: Developments in Petroleum Science 8

Publisher: Elsevier Science, Year: 1978

ISBN: 9780444418302

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