Book Name: Fun Electrical Circuit Programmed Projects with Hands-on
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Fun Electrical Circuit Programmed Projects with Hands-on Street Light Controller Circuit, Thermistor Based Thermostat, Broken Wire Detector, IR Detector, Smoke Detector, DIY Stun Gun by Anbazhagan K. | PDF Free Download. 

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Fun Electrical Circuit Programmed Projects with Hands-on 

Fun Electrical Circuit Programmed Projects with Hands-on pdf

Electrical Circuit Programmed Projects Contents

  • Driving a 7-Segment Display utilizing a BCD to 7 Segment Driver IC (CD4511)
  • SR Flip-Flop with NAND Gates: Circuit, Truth Table and Working
  • Programmed Street Light Controller Circuit Using Relay as well as Light Dependent Resistor
  • RF Controlled Home Appliances
  • RF Transmitter and Receiver Circuit
  • Piezoelectric Transducer Circuit and Its Applications
  • DIY Stun Gun Circuit on PCB
  • Full Wave Rectifier Circuit With along with Without Filter
  • Half Wave Rectifier Circuit With and Without Filter
  • 1W Light Emitting Diode Driver Circuit
  • Straightforward Smoke Detector Alarm Circuit
  • Voltage Divider Circuit
  • DC Motor Control utilizing Thyristor
  • Broken Wire Detector Circuit utilizing IC CD4069
  • IR to RF Converter Circuit
  • IR Detector Circuit utilizing 555 Timer IC
  • Thermistor Based Thermostat Circuit
  • Straightforward LDR Circuit to Detect Light
  • Transistor as an Amplifier Circuit
  • The most effective method to Use Relay in a Circuit

Introduction to Fun Electrical Circuit Programmed Projects with Hands-on

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a perplexing idea comprising numerous PCs and correspondence ways.

Some IoT gadgets are associated with the Internet and some are most certainly not. Some IoT gadgets structure swarms that convey among themselves. Some are intended for a solitary reason, while some are increasingly universally useful PCs.

This book intends to demonstrate the IoT from the back to front. By structuring IoT gadgets, the peruser will comprehend the essential ideas and will almost certainly develop utilizing the rudiments to make his or her IoT applications.

These included ventures will tell the peruser the best way to assemble their IOT ventures and develop the models that appeared.

The significance of Computer Security in IOT gadgets is additionally talked about and different systems for protecting the IOT from unapproved clients or programmers.

The most significant takeaway from this book is to structure the tasks yourself.


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