Book Name: Fiber Optic Communications: Fundamentals and Applications
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Fiber Optic Communications: Fundamentals and Applications pdf

Book Description:

Fiber-optic communication systems have advanced dramatically over the last four decades since the era of copper cables, resulting in low-cost and high-bandwidth transmission. Fiber optics is now the backbone of the internet and long-distance telecommunication. Without it, we would not enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet or low-rate international telephone calls.

This book introduces the basic concepts of fiber-optic communication pedagogically. The essential mathematical results are derived by first principles rather than citing research articles. In addition, physical interpretations and real-world analogies are provided to help students grasp the fundamental concepts.

Key Features:

Lucid explanation of key topics such as fibers, lasers, and photodetectors.
Includes recent developments such as coherent communication and digital signal processing.
Comprehensive treatment of fiber nonlinear transmission.
Worked on examples, exercises, and answers.
Accompanying website with PowerPoint slides and numerical experiments in MATLAB.
Intended primarily for senior undergraduates and graduates studying fiber-optic communications, the book is also suitable as a professional resource for researchers working in the field of fiber-optic communications.

Table of contents :

1 Electromagnetics and Optics
2 Optical Fiber Transmission
3 Lasers
4 Optical Modulators and Modulation Schemes
5 Optical Receivers
6 Optical Amplifiers
7 Transmission System Design
8 Performance Analysis
9 Channel Multiplexing Techniques
10 Nonlinear Effects in Fibers
11 Digital Signal Processing
Appendix A
Appendix B


Fiber Optic Communications: Fundamentals and Applications PDF

Author(s): Shiva Kumar, M. Jamal Deen

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2014

ISBN: 0470518677, 9780470518670


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