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Essentials of Physical Chemistry by Don Shilladya

PREFACE to Essentials of Physical Chemistry by Don Shilladya:

This textual content is absolutely two books in a single, maybe three. The primary 9 chapters are meant to fulfill the brand new American Chemical Society requirement of one semester of bodily chemistry.

By luck, I’ve taught such a course 5 instances at Virginia Commonwealth College with particular emphasis on methods to make vital materials comprehensible to college students who might solely have had one semester of calculus.

This sequence has additionally been taught as soon as as an experiment at Randolph Macon Faculty utilizing McQuarrie’s Quantum Chemistry, Second Version, with a smaller class as a second semester elective.

Key matters are included in thermodynamics and kinetics with arithmetic that has been tuned to a degree that simply barely stretches the scholar’s math potential.

These college students are used to memorizing huge quantities of materials in biology and natural chemistry so we ‘‘prime the pump’’ of their mind by encouraging memorization of key matters such because the vital level of a van der Waals fuel, the Michaelis–Menten equation, and the entropy of mixing.

Alongside the way in which, we introduce issues associated to forensic chemistry in addition to a mix of sensible models prone to be encountered in well being sciences. Pattern checks are included within the textual content so college students can see what is anticipated of them.

The checks are meant to measure data of the formulation and how one can use them, in addition to to show profitable memorization=studying of key ideas.

Spectroscopy is proscribed in a one semester course; we’ve tried to make use of the comparatively easy Bohr atom for examples of orbital screening and x-ray emission evaluation to get as a lot which means from the straightforward components as attainable.

The remedy of chemical kinetics is break up right into a elementary Chapter 7 and a extra superior Chapter 8 in order that if time is operating out in a one semester course, Chapter 8 could be skipped and delayed till the start of an elective second semester.

A one semester sequence could be ‘‘Introduction: Arithmetic and Physics Evaluation,’’ Chapters 1 by means of 7 and 9 with an elective second semester as Chapters 8, 10 by means of 15 with elements of 16, 17, 18, or 19.

I feel it is very important hold the fabric of an non-obligatory second semester seen in the identical textual content with many photos of profitable scientists to coax college students into additional research.

Truly, taking only one semester of bodily chemistry actually limits a scholar for additional research. I definitely don’t agree with the ACS Committee on Skilled Coaching on this matter.

Physical chemistry is the axis of science the place all of the sciences come collectively together with mathematical fashions which were developed over the previous 200 years.

If perchance my colleagues in bodily chemistry have developed a fame for being troublesome, I name on them to make bodily chemistry ‘‘enjoyable’’ to coach college students on this central science.

I do know from educating two semesters of bodily chemistry in an intensive nine-week ‘‘Summer time P. Chem.’’ course for over 30 years that by choosing key matters, explaining them effectively, and educating the required arithmetic results in nice morale in a category whereas severe studying is occurring!

I typically obtain messages from college students who full this course saying they’re utilizing P. Chem. notes in higher degree programs in biochemistry and inorganic chemistry.

Subject choice can be a outcome of my educating bodily chemistry laboratory for a few years utilizing successive editions of the Shoemaker, Garland, and Nibler textual content; thus, materials right here ought to kind a basis for that course as effectively.

This textual content is being accomplished only a week earlier than the start of one other nine-week ‘‘Summer time P. Chem.’’ course, and it should be thought-about in view of a sequence of quick, intense lectures.

As normal, there shall be college students on this class with just one semester of calculus (having by no means handled an integral) and biology majors who’re pre-medical college students in addition to forensic science majors who’re taking nearly as a lot chemistry because the formally designated chemistry majors.

All of them can have not too long ago handed natural chemistry, however most likely not have used a lot arithmetic since a previous 12 months in freshman chemistry.

Foreword Author List of Constants Introduction

Mathematics and Physics ReviewIdeal and Real Gas BehaviorIntroduction to the ”First Encounter with Physical Chemistry” Phenomenological Derivation of the Ideal Gas EquationCharles’ (Jacques-Alexandre-César Charles) Law Useful UnitsMolecular Weight from Gas Density (the Dumas Bulb Method) Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures Nonideal Gas Behavior Supercritical Fluid Read more…


Foreword Author List of Constants Introduction: Mathematics and Physics ReviewIdeal and Real Gas BehaviorIntroduction to the ”First Encounter with Physical Chemistry” Phenomenological Derivation of the Ideal Gas EquationCharles’ (Jacques-Alexandre-César Charles) Law Useful UnitsMolecular Weight from Gas Density (the Dumas Bulb Method) Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures Nonideal Gas Behavior Supercritical Fluid Chromatography SummaryProblemsReferences Viscosity of Laminar FlowIntroduction Measurement of ViscosityViscosity of BloodStaudinger’s Rule for Polymer Molecular WeightSummaryProblemsBib.


Essentials of Physical Chemistry PDF

Author(s): Shillady, Don

Publisher: CRC Press

Year: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-4398-9693-8

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[PDF] Essentials of Physical Chemistry by Don Shilladya Table Of Contents

Content: Front Cover
List of Constants
Periodic Table of the Elements
Introduction: Mathematics and Physics Review
Chapter 1: Ideal and Real Gas Behavior
Chapter 2: Viscosity of Laminar Flow
Chapter 3: The Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases
Chapter 4: The First Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 5: The Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics
Chapter 6: Gibbs’ Free Energy and Equilibria
Chapter 7: Basic Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 8: More Kinetics and Some Mechanisms
Chapter 9: Basic Spectroscopy
Chapter 10: Early Experiments in Quantum Physics Chapter 11: The Schrödinger Wave EquationChapter 12: The Quantized Harmonic Oscillator: Vibrational Spectroscopy
Chapter 13: The Quantized Rigid Rotor and the Vib-Rotor
Chapter 14: The Schrödinger Hydrogen Atom
Chapter 15: Quantum Thermodynamics
Chapter 16: Approximate Methods and Linear Algebra
Chapter 17: Electronic Structure of Molecules
Chapter 18: Point Group Theory and Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
Chapter 19: Essentials of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Appendix A: Relation between Legendre and Associated Legendre Polynomials
Appendix B: The Hartree-Fock-Roothaan SCF Equation Appendix C: Gaussian Lobe Basis IntegralsAppendix D: Spin-Orbit Coupling in the H Atom

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