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Essential Orthopaedics Maheshwari PDF

Key Features of Essential Orthopaedics

Here’s a quick overview of the critical features of Essential Orthopaedics, Including Clinical Methods 5th Edition.

The first three chapters describe the introduction, anatomy, and treatment for fractures and bones.
Chapter four discusses splints and tractions. Recent advancements in treating fractures and the approach to treating the patient with limb injury are also mentioned in this book.
In chapters eight, thirteen to twenty-one, injuries at different parts like joints, peripheral nerve, shoulder, forearm and wrist, hand, hip, knee, leg, ankle, and foot; fractures in children; pelvic fractures, and shaft of femur fractures; and also deformities and their management are discussed.
The twenty-second and twenty-fourth chapters discuss bone, joint, and hand infections.
Chapter twenty-three provides information on tuberculosis of bones and joints.
Different diseases, disorders, and deformities caused in the musculoskeletal system are discussed in chapters from twenty five-twenty nine thirty one-thirty nine. The approach to a patient with back pain is addressed in chapter thirty.
From chapters forty to forty-two, different amputations, prosthetics, orthotics, and surgeries like arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery (this includes hemiarthroplasty, total joint replacement, partial knee replacement, total shoulder replacement, and total elbow replacement) are discussed.


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