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Engineering Mechanics PDF

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Book Description:

Engineering Mechanics (In SI Units) (Special Indian Edition) is a textbook on the subject of engineering mechanics. It is divided into two sections, containing a total of 11 chapters. The first section is dedicated to the subject of Statics. It covers topics like concurrent forces in a plane, force systems in space, parallel forces in a plane, and principles of virtual work. The second section, dedicated to the subject of Dynamics, presents concepts like curvilinear translation, rectilinear translation, relative motion, and plane motion of a rigid body. The book ends with 4 appendices with additional information and an index of the contents. Every topic in the book is accompanied by a list of useful formulae. Also, every chapter ends with a concise summary of chapter contents. The number and variety of practice exercises presented in the book form one of its key features. As many as 113 objective-type questions, 227 review questions, and 232 solved examples are included in the book. This particular edition has been published (2006, Tata McGraw-Hill) specifically for release in India.

Book Contents

1. Introduction

2. Concurrent Forces in a Plane

3. Parallel Forces in a Plane

4. General Case of Forces in a Plane

5. Force Systems in Space

6. Principle of Virtual work

7. Rectilinear Translation

8. Curvilinear Translation

9. Rotation of a Rigid Body About a Fixed Axis

10. Rotation of a Rigid Body About a Fixed Axis

11. Relative Motion

Appendix I: Moments of Inertia of Plane Figures

Appendix II: Moments of Inertia of Material Bodies

Appendix III: Forced Vibrations

Appendix IV: Balancing of Rigid Rotors


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Engineering Mechanics PDF

Author(s): S. Timoshenko, D.H. Young, J.V. Rao, Sukumar Pati

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education, Year: 2017

ISBN: ISBN-10: 9781259062667 ; ISBN-13: 978-1259062667


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