Book Name: Engineering Geology for Society and Territory Volume 4
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Engineering Geology for Society and Territory Volume 4


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Engineering Geology for Society and Territory – Volume 4 Marine and Coastal Processes by Giorgio Lollino, Andrea Manconi, Jacques Locat, Yu Huang, Miquel Canals Artigas

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  • On Soil Layer Injury As a result of Fuel Escape .
  • Littoral Drift Limitations and the Drawback of Proving Accelerated Recession
  • Subject Take a look at on Stiffened Deep Blended Columns
  • Measurement Evaluation of Bohai Financial institution Deep Basis Pit Challenge in Tianjin Mushy Soil Space
  • The Coastal Geological Atmosphere and Blue–Inexperienced Financial Chain in China
  • Coastal Hazards Inside Indigenous Settlements of Chukchi Peninsula
  • A Case Research on the Willpower of the Power of Seabed Sediments from SW Taiwan
  • Evaluation of Maritime Erosion Index for Ionian-Lucanian Coast
  • An Inter-Comparability of Coastal Vulnerability Evaluation Strategies
  • Behaviour of a Skinny Compressible Clay Horizon Underneath Geogrid Bolstered Sand with a Huge Platform Load
  • Numerical Strategies for Deformation Evaluation of Liquefiable Soils
  • Late Glacial and Holocene Sedimentation and Investigation of Fjord Tsunami Potential in Decrease Howe Sound, British Columbia
  • Catalogue of Historic Displacement Waves and Landslide-Triggered Tsunamis in Norway
  • Earthquake-Triggered Subaerial Landslides that Induced Massive Scale Fjord Sediment Deformation: Mixed Subaerial and Submarine Research of the 2007 Aysén Fjord Occasion, Chile
  • Pre-shear Impact on Liquefaction Resistance of Sand
  • Engineering Geology and Geohazards of Sefidrud Delta, South Caspian Coast, North Iran
  • Investigations on the Attainable Supply of the 2002 Landslide Tsunami in Rhodes, Greece, By means of Numerical Methods
  • Storm Hazard Evaluation for City Areas
  • Numerical Simulation of the BIG’95 Particles Circulation and of the Generated Tsunami
  • Macro Deformation and Micro Displacement Traits of Granular Supplies
  • Dynamic Processes of the Benthic Boundary Layer within the Subaqueous Yellow River Delta, China
  • Airborne Unmanned Monitoring System for Coastal Erosion Evaluation
  • Take a look at on Impact of Temperature on Space of Thermal Enlargement of HDPE Geomembrane
  • Engineering-Geology Zoning and Danger Evaluation of Hazards in Tianjin Central Fishing Port
  • Coastal Floods and Local weather Change
  • 17 Years of Adjustments (1989–2006) in Bathymetry and Sediments Texture in Segura River Mouth
  • In-Situ Fluid Mud Movement Investigation in Channel After Storm
  • Nuclear Methods for Monitoring Sediment Dynamics within the Coastal Zone
  • Numerical Modeling of the Submarine Particles Flows Run-Out Utilizing SPH .
  • Dynamic Response of an Embankment Basis to a Simulated Tsunami Wave
  • Phases of Clayey Sediments Formation within the Presence of the Natural Matter 32 Relative Land Subsidence of the Venice Coastland, Italy
  • Functionality of X-Band Persistent Scatterer Interferometry to Monitor Land Subsidence within the Venice Lagoon
  • The Influence of Land Subsidence on Preservation of Cultural Heritage Websites: The Case Research of Aquileia (Venetian-Friulian Coastland, North-Japanese Italy)
  • Floor Deformation Monitoring Over Venice Lagoon Utilizing Mixed DInSAR/PSI Methods. 
  • Coastal Impacts Round Guadiaro River Mouth (Spain)
  • Precise Geological Processes Performing on the Western Coast of Black Sea 
  • Submarine Mass-Actions on Volcanic Islands: Examples from the Aeolian Archipelago (Italy) .
  • Evolution of a Submarine Mass-Transport Complicated in House and Time
  • Excessive-Decision Research of Mass Transport Deposits: Outcrop Perspective for Understanding Fashionable Submarine Slope Failure and Related Pure Hazards
  • Landslide Hazard Evaluation of the Black Sea Shelf Adjoined to the Western Caucasus
  • Latest Morphological Adjustments of the Good Continental Slope
  • The Case of Ischia Underwater Particles Avalanche (Italy, Tyrrhenian Sea) and Its Excessive Mobility


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